Medical & Health Product Branding

Safegard Medical.

Branding & Creative Strategy

Fable&Co. were approached by a European based supplier & manufacturer of innovative medical products. The brief was to strategically re-brand this established business to enable and support their forthcoming global expansion.

The aim of this exercise was to create a branding and marketing strategy that communicates effectively with the appropriate target audience, ultimately resulting in a dramatic increase in sales of SafeGard’s products, to new & existing customers throughout the world.

Medical Branding Office Signage
    Project Deliverables
  • Logo Design
  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Stationery Suite Design
  • Corporate Signage Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Project Management
Medical Branding Responsive Mobile Website & User Interface Design
Medical Branding Corporate Stationery Design

Following a full competitor audit & repositioning strategy, the team at Fable&Co. set about conceptualising the new corporate identity. The strategy phase highlighted the unique proposition of European manufacturing &, more specifically, SafeGard’s Hungarian based production facilities versus the influx of inferior Chinese manufacturing adopted by the majority of competitors.

Medical Branding Packaging Design
Medical Branding Embossed Logo Design
Medical Branding Health Recovery Publication Design
Medical Branding Corporate Stationery Design
Medical Health Recovery Compassion

Our inspiration for the concept came in the form of a traditional cross called the Cross of Lorraine, The Crusader Cross or known in Hungary as the St Stephen’s Cross, named after the first king, who later became a patron saint. It was featured throughout history in different parts of Europe & is also an integral part of the Hungarian identity. Crests originated from a need to differentiate & identify families & clans, at a time when few people could read. Today they are used by many of the world’s most successful brands such as Football clubs, Universities & global financial institutions.

They demonstrate an air of superiority, quality, safety, authenticity & distinction. Our modern, abstract crest pays homage to the origins of the SafeGard brand. It is clean, own-able, & memorable. The typography has been selected & customised to look both friendly & approachable, whilst maintaining a sense of corporate professionalism.

Medical Branding Responsive Website Design
Medical Branding Logo Marque
Medical Branding Responsive Website Design