Education Group Branding

Milton Keynes College approached Fable&Co. once more, this time, with the objective of unifying their existing brands & services under a new, cohesive group strategy.

Together, we delivered a robust identity system & visual style that was bold & confident – capturing how education can be the catalyst for a better, fairer & more inclusive society.

Purposeful Ambition

As the digital revolution continues apace, Milton Keynes continues to lead the way as one of the UK’s most exciting cities for technology & innovation.

The College’s burgeoning reputation & evolved positioning in the education sector has bought about a new need & focus on attracting more teaching talent, building better employee partnerships, & providing a platform to report accountability & positive change within their community.

It is this admirable purpose & ambition that led us to create a highly accessible, inclusive & diverse identity – one that inspires change, positivity & responsibility throughout the industry & beyond.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
Brand Guidelines
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Logo

For the brand icon, we’ve taken the simplicity of an equals sign – a universally recognised symbol that signifies something that is the same, or equal to – & used it boldly to ground the entire identity.

The asset not only represents the groups’ entire ambition & purpose but also helps aid accessibility, the user’s direction & attention, highlighting text & other significant information.

The use of a Sans Serif typeface for both the wordmarque & written copy aids clarity & legibility, with the wordmarque crafted in title case to ensure a highly legible & identifiable marque.

The Identity

Accessibility & legibility needed to be front of mind when considering the visual identity for Milton Keynes College Group.

Balanced with this would be a boldness, confidence & energy to communicate diversity & inclusion. Colour choice & combinations have been kept to a minimum, with high contrast when used together to ensure those with sight impairments are able to easily identify clear differentiation throughout.

We have been mindful of our audience by using regular letter spacing, narrower text blocks & generous whitespace. Through accessibility checks, colour combinations have been tested for clarity & readability so we were able to set rules throughout the identity.


Imagery plays a vital role in the overall identity, giving a sense of diversity, positivity & personality throughout.

Milton Keynes College Group plan to conduct a further photoshoot, capturing their employees, students & partners, to share real stories & experiences about their relationship with the College. We set out clear imagery guidelines to ensure consistency & coherence moving forward.

Consisting of thought-provoking portraits & in the moment action shots, the imagery looked to portray a sense of energy, pride, ambition & passion, in turn helping to attract more of the right talent. The effect & transition going from black & white imagery into full colour was to represent life, positivity & inclusion.

Education has the power
to change lives.

We’re proud to have been part of such a worthy project & excited to see the Milton Keynes College Group brand launch. 

We believe this will set a new precedent for the industry & will encourage other schools, colleges, universities & businesses up & down the country to play their part in being more accountable – helping the UK progress towards a fairer, more accessible, inclusive & diverse society.

Working with Fable & Co not only led to an inspired and stand-out brand, it also helped influence our College strategy. The original brief was an evolution of our previous brand but we soon realised that what we were talking about was something genuinely new and different. Fable took this theory and brought it to life, feedback has been incredible and the inclusive nature of the design supports our messaging perfectly.

– Lee Parker, Head of Marketing, Milton Keynes College

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