Logo Design

Logo Design is all about creating an emblem, symbol or sign which stylishly represents a brand and in turn, their message.

The logo is the stamp of a brand which acts as identification, like an artist’s signature on a painting. Usually being displayed in graphical form, a strong logo makes an impression & memory in the mind of those that see it

As one of the elements of corporate identity design, logos are certainly the most popular & perhaps the most important too. We strive to compete with those iconic yet functional logos of past & present design pioneers.

Every breathing entrepreneur dreams about the ideal company name & logo. At Fable & Co. we understand how imperative these are. Designing a logo is a creative yet systematic procedure which is undertaken during the broader scope of designing brand identity. Influence & inspiration can come from many forms in this cumulative process. We explore the abstract elements of the company’s philosophy, values, culture & associations in close detail. From these core ethics we may have a vision of symbols or images from which to work with.

We go through many iterations of design, exploring different territories of expression. Enduring ponderous amounts of testing to ensure our own ideas & passions don’t get in the way of understanding what consumers can remember, understand & relate to.

When it comes to the composition of the logo, a decision is made as to whether it is better fitting as an icon or in a typeface form. A colour palette is concocted so that the best tones & contrasts purvey the appearance and meaning. Once the team has narrowed down our design drafts, our in-house Brand Artist will use his or her innovative creative flair to bring these blueprints to life. Due to the fact that a logo carries so much gravity, while the team analyses each choice, even the most minuscule of detail is not overlooked & every avenue, idea and suggestion is explored.

Our experience will tell us when we have ‘the one’ because it will carry many layers of significance from consumer data, experienced creative craftsmanship & applied theory.

A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.

– Paul Rand, Art Director & Graphic Designer