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The Fable&Co. studio opened in 2014, after decades of global design & marketing experience working alongside some of the world’s most successful & prestigious brands on behalf of other leading agencies.

Our blend of strategy & creativity results in dynamic outcomes that assist in supporting the future growth of our clients’ businesses.

Everything we achieve is repeatedly delivered efficiently through commitment, sincerity & unconditional professionalism.


  • 09

    Years of continued growth & success.

  • 46

    Effective rebrands to our name.

  • 18

    Ambitious start-up
    brands launched.

  • 38

    Custom websites designed, built & deployed.

  • 44

    Professional corporate branding projects.

  • 12

    Compelling consumer branding projects.


Purpose Statement

Thoughtful Creativity, Fuelling Ambition.

Thoughtful creativity means intention: on purpose over profitability. It’s a desire for truth – working from the inside out, to dig right to the source & find the moral of the story.

It means thinking of the bigger picture: how we’re impacting the zeitgeist & how what we do can be a force for good, beyond us. Without this perspective, a brand is hollow, it’s lifeless.

It’s an approach: we think great work is born at the intersection of right & left brain thinking. Where strategic thought & reason meets creativity & artistry; intuition with rationality. It’s a careful balance that when perfectly executed, allows ideas to flourish & incredible things to happen.

Thoughtful creativity is a feedback loop to ambition. Our method of creating meaningful work, with passion & spirit, fuels our ambition & the cycle continues. It feeds us. It’s what keeps us going. It’s the people we hire, the clients we work with & the ideas we conjure. Ambition is our common denominator.

Because without ambition, what else? Why bother? It’s the spark that ignites us. It’s the reason beneath action. It keeps us inspired, focused & always asking questions.

Ambition is our attitude: it’s what drives us to punch above our weight as an agency. It makes us brave enough to risk failure but courageous enough to succeed every time.

This ambition & dedication to create inspired, meaningful work is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It allows us to continuously strive for the best – because we are serving something much bigger, pushing everything we do to reach its fullest potential.

Culture Statement

Agency culture is of paramount importance. Therefore at Fable&Co. you will benefit from our team of creatively accomplished, logically gifted, genuine folk, who are all obsessive in their quest for design perfection.

Our culture is completely unique & one of the most important aspects of our longevity & continued growth. We don’t know how, but we just work incredibly well together as individuals, without exception. Pay us a visit & we believe you will soon realise that there is something magical happening that makes us highly fortunate to have all found each other. I guess that’s why no-one has ever chosen to leave in five years.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive, supportive & honest approach. Working together as a team, all involved in some way on each & every project. Different minds, skills, viewpoints & backgrounds coming together. Individually we are great, but combined we have found an unstoppable formula. Offering senior level business experience, truly strategic & conceptual thought process, powerful commercial understanding, along with a pedigree of exceptional creativity & design. 






The Collective

  • Ross Davison – Founder & Creative Director

    Ross launched Fable&Co. after over a decade of global branding experience, working along side some of the worlds most iconic brands. He delivers a truly strategic & conceptual thought process, shrewd commercial understanding, along with a pedigree of exceptional management professionalism.

  • Jack Archer – Director

    Jack offers senior experience & skills in implementing dramatically creative brand strategies, performing as a valuable hybrid between creativity & commercial realism. Jack reassures our clients that we will always deliver efficiently & effectively.

  • Issy Hall – Design Director

    Issy provides Fable&Co. with an abundance of creative ideas & talent. Her unique style adds a dynamic quality to the creative output, with a keen eye combined with a relentless passion for each & every project.

  • Ben Carvey – UI / UX Designer

    Ben is a highly skilled digital creative with a natural ability to adapt to any brief, using his artistic flare & attention to detail to explore ideas & styles. Ben works carefully & passionately as a key member of our design team.

  • Jon – Web Developer

    Jon’s technical abilities afford him a formidable reputation as one of the South Coast’s most progressive front-end web developers, assisting the Fable&Co. team in the seamless transition between brand & digital artistry.

  • Clare – Copywriter

    Clare is an established creative & writer who has the natural ability to articulate emotion & purpose on multiple platforms, across different industries, for a range of audiences. She is adept at quickly understanding & interpreting the right tone & style that will resonate effectively.

  • Adam – Photographer

    Adam is a highly-acclaimed creative commercial photographer who specialises in extracting authentic business culture through photography, along with unique, professional corporate portraits.

  • Bailey – Studio Pup

    Bailey possesses four years experience in the creative industry & has the natural ability to put clients at ease when they walk through the door.

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