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Synergix, a leading accounting & HR consultancy based in Geneva, had built up an impressive reputation as a dedicated, knowledgeable & expert partner to those looking to outsource their administrative tasks. Fable&Co's challenge was to first understand what had got them here, & to bring what made them unique to the fore.

Synergix had assembled an enviable team over the years –  securing bright, young minds to complement the more experienced founders. This had enabled Synergix to become such a reliable & trusted partner to deliver accurately & consistently over time.

But, beneath the surface & empowering this team, was technology. Cutting-edge technology that had been developed internally, & integrated with third-party apps to create a seamless, intuitive experience for themselves, & for their clients.

The Visual Identity

Driven by a determination to transform the way businesses process accounting & HR tasks, the visual identity needed to demonstrate this disruptive, progressive, yet professional business.

At the heart of the brand identity is the power & meaning of the ‘X’, & its position as a sacred symbol; denoting accuracy & precision.

Their tech-powered proposition allowed them to offer exactly this – accurate & reliable real-time insight to enable better-informed, empowered decision making.

The line asset encapsulates the dynamism & collaborative nature of Synergix. This is used alone & paired with imagery, representing Synergix’s role & presence in the background of its clients’ businesses – a long-term partner trusted to deliver.

The mix of neon tangerine & neon yellow bring a striking, vibrant contrast to the identity, capturing the personality & boldness of the team & their collective ambitions.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
UI Design
UX Design
Brand Video & Animation
Motion Graphics
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Research & Strategy

Synergix employ a team of leading experts & cutting-edge technology to create a system that improves a company’s time management and visibility of data. With excellence & integrity at its core, Synergix pride themselves on building long-term, meaningful partnerships – driven by the knowledge that accounting and HR management is critical to a company’s health, future growth, & success. 

By embracing human & technological ingenuity, their vision is to provide real-time insights that offer transparency, transform businesses for the better & make people’s lives easier in the process. With this in mind, our designers set about creating a brand identity that matched the company’s ethos and forward-thinking attitude. 

The Wordmarque & Icon

The Synergix brand purpose revolves around integrating their core values into their relationships. The soft curves of the wordmarque show approachability, partnered with the small detail in the ‘Y’ catching the element of tech that subtly operates throughout the business. The unique ‘X’ we have carefully crafted reflects direction, collaboration, & partnership. The two separate elements of the ‘X’ represent the client & Synergix, both equal in value through the synergy created. Additionally, the angular aspect of the ‘X’ portrays motion and the small detail in the ‘Y’ catches the element of tech subtly running through the business. 

The smooth typeface reflects the teams delicate & friendly approach, while the bespoke character edits we have made keep the wordmarque sharp & distinctive, capturing Synergix’s dynamic & forward-thinking mindset.

The Online Experience

The idea of ‘Accounting & payroll Management, Re-imagined’ would be clear throughout the site, partnered with information & explanations of their revolutionary methods and meticulous attention to detail. 

We generously populated the new website with authentic, professional photography, encapsulating the team’s friendly and approachable way of working juxtaposed with precise & detailed explanations of the processes and actions of Synergix. 

Synergix provided us with a real eureka moment in the workshop, as we learnt that this was no ordinary accountancy firm. Underpinning this growing business was proprietary technology, enabling them to offer an unrivalled level of real-time data & insight to customers. This was a knowledgeable, passionate team that shared an unwavering focus on doing things differently, & in embracing technology to drive positive change in a traditional industry.

– Jack Archer, Director, Fable&Co.

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