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Ogury, one of the fastest growing tech businesses in the UK, approached Fable&Co. with an exciting & complex challenge; to work together to develop & introduce a revolutionary, new market category to the world.

This ambitious move would help Ogury to achieve their goal of becoming a ‘unicorn’ – a business valued at over a billion dollars.

To achieve this, we would first need to fully acquaint ourselves with their unique business proposition, undertaking thorough research to fully understand the challenges, needs & requirements of a data-hungry audience that included many of the world’s leading brands, publishers & partners.


Ogury’s existing brand identity would need to evolve to better reflect their mightily impressive growth & award-winning mobile data platform – as well as to support their lofty aspirations.

Ground Breaking

Fable&Co. discovered that Ogury’s ground-breaking approach to mobile marketing would provide brands & publishers with access to well over 400 million GDPR compliant user profiles, revealing these users’ unique habits, behaviours, preferences & intentions.

This data would allow clients to see the full picture & truly understand the human behind the screen – giving users choice whilst serving only relevant, valuable content & in-turn, increasing user engagement & maximising revenue.

Agile & Adaptive

As a fast-paced, high-growth tech business, Fable&Co. were required to be exceptionally agile & adapt quickly to business & product changes in real-time.

To illustrate this point, during the 4-months it took to complete the project, the number of employees at Ogury increased by 40%, adding a further 100+ talented professionals to the proliferate business.

The Visual Identity

When exploring the new visual brand identity, it was vital that it communicated
the innate personality of the business, demonstrating their highly progressive, ambitious, energetic & diverse culture
& ethos.

These foundations helped to promote the new category in a way that reveals its extraordinary proposition to the discerning world of global brand advertisers & publishers alike.

The scalable ‘supergraphic’ was created to demonstrate the powerful mobile journey data – illustrating the vast mobile landscape, with Ogury giving order & meaning to the substantial data, harnessing its potential. This visual asset was designed to offer flexibility, utilised throughout the site & across other online & offline applications.

Project Deliverables

Research & Strategy
Brand & Product Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
Exhibition Stand Design
Video & Animation
Website Design & Development
Brand Style Guide
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Supergraphic

The scalable ‘supergraphic’ was created to demonstrate the powerful mobile journey data – illustrating the vast mobile landscape, with Ogury giving order & meaning to the substantial data, harnessing its potential.

This visual asset was designed to offer flexibility, utilised throughout the site & across other online & offline applications.

The Website

The new Ogury website needed to communicate an important but complex narrative, therefore design & UX had to be carefully considered to ensure key messages were conveyed in a clear & structured way.

The custom-built website featured user activated animations & parallax scroll to create a satisfying, rewarding & seamless experience for the user, working responsively across mobile, tablet & desktop.

Flagship Video

A flagship video was produced to present Mobile Journey Marketing to an unsuspecting audience, designed to engage visually & carry great impact, whilst also clearly articulating Ogury’s proposition – striking a fine balance between aesthetics & technical accuracy.

We utilised interesting, dynamic stock video that felt as natural & real as possible, & combined with motion graphics & overlays to create a sense of immersion, with certain words & graphics seemingly part of the video environment.

Blueprint Animation

The blueprint was fundamental
to the new category.

The purpose of the animation was to clearly & accurately articulate the blueprint & Mobile Journey Marketing in a succinct & visually engaging way, highlighting the process from start to finish whilst introducing the four products; Consent Manager, Active Insights, User Engagement & Intelligent Monetization.

Exhibition Stand

Ogury attend numerous, high-profile
events across the globe, such as World Mobile Congress, DMexco & AdWeek.

Each event presents an opportunity for the business to promote their innovative technology & noteworthy products, whilst significantly increasing brand awareness & reputation among peers.

Working in collaboration with One Rise East, we created an eye-catching, impactful exhibition stand that would resonate with & entice attendees to visit, clearly communicating key messages, whilst showcasing the new brand identity.

Brand Control

Ogury continues to grow at an exponential rate; with the on-boarding of new employees, introduction of new products & specialist vendor partners, there is a constant need for the creation of new materials. Therefore, an extensive brand style guide was hugely important in order ensure consistency across online & offline applications. Its purpose was also to communicate the various aspects of the new brand identity, such as proposition, logo, colour palette, graphic assets, key messages, tone of voice, imagery & iconography.

Marketing Materials

We were tasked with re-imagining Ogury’s array of whitepapers, one-pagers, brochures & marketing decks to align with the newly created brand identity.

We explored content hierarchy, layout & identified images that reflected the important copy & key messages throughout.

We also created a suite of corporate stationery that imbued a sense of corporate professionalism & simplicity, whilst ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.


To bring the new visual identity to life
& give balance to Ogury’s obvious tech-prowess, we utilised a range of stock imagery that introduced a ‘softness’ & injected a much-needed element of humanity.

Although fundamentally consistent throughout, imagery included a tiered library to offer flexibility depending on what was being communicated & to which audience, with images evoking a sense of motion, dynamism & fluency.

Fable&Co. are one of the most impressive brand & design agencies I have ever worked with. Why? Firstly, because they truly seek to understand. They ask great questions, listen intently, are able to fundamentally grasp a companies 'uniqueness' rapidly. They are then able to translate this line of enquiry into a design language that is aesthetically beautiful, technically accurate (product/technology/company/culture etc), & ownable. In a world where everyone thinks they are designers & marketers, these are incredibly rare attributes. To add to that, they are a joy to work with. Proactive, smart & driven by initiative. Always humble, highly collaborative, & make you feel like you are their only client. I recommend them highly.

– Max Pepe, VP Marketing, Ogury

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