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Dalet empowers media-rich organisations to transform their production & distribution workflows, accelerating media operations, maximising collaboration & creating far higher value from content.

Fable&Co. embarked on a comprehensive rebrand alongside Dalet’s accomplished team.

30 years heritage, a strong legacy & reputation, numerous geographical locations & working across multiple timezones. Our aligned ambitions? To deliver a strategic global rebrand by defining the brand’s purpose & value proposition effectively, before crafting a pertinent visual identity system to assist with the continued growth & success of this established technology business.

Significant & consequential evolution of the industry & associated technology had occurred throughout Dalet’s impressive history. As the technology continued to evolve, so too had Dalet’s products & services. A host of niche businesses were acquired along the way, further complementing their already holistic offering, however highlighting the need for greater clarity & consistency across the entire Dalet product & brand ecosystem.

Agile Media Solutions

Trusted by leading organisations such as Fox Networks Group, Arsenal Football Club, MediaCorp, Audi & the BBC to support their daily content operations.

Starting from the ground up, we boarded a flight to Paris to host a brand workshop with key stakeholders at Dalet’s global head office.

The outcomes & insights of the brand workshop, along with tailored brand questionnaires, surveys & interviews culminated in a strategic brand framework that underpinned & outlined Dalet’s core brand proposition, brand purpose, visual positioning, along with articulating the future ambitions & expectations of the corporate brand.

The new brand messaging was crafted, developed & refined collaboratively, resulting in a new audience-centric, corporate brand tagline & highly emotive brand proposition statement:

Your Stories, Infinite Possibilities.

Empowering a world where compelling stories are beautifully made, effortlessly told and thoughtfully delivered.

The Visual Identity

Formulating a new visual identity system with modernity, simplicity & efficiency at its core.

With strong strategic foundations set, we embarked on a comprehensive visual brand refresh with the team at Dalet.

Our collective ambitions? To revolutionise & modernise the Dalet brand identity in-line with the new strategy – effectively portraying the transformational innovation & holistic benefits of Dalet’s proposition, & in-turn aligning & unifying Dalet teams & diverse business stakeholders globally.

The concept behind the new brand identity centred around motion, waves & signals, visually representing Dalet’s agility, flexibility, efficiency & speed.

Rapid innovation means we depend less on satellite technology, but we continue to rely upon powerful signals to deliver content efficiently & effectively. Wave after wave of signal, traveling millions of miles in seconds to reach their unique destination.

Despite this complexity, it feels so effortless. In fact, it’s only when we experience a slight glitch in the matrix that we even know they’re there. We trust them to go about their job without fuss or disruption & simply deliver great stories.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
UI Design
UX Design
Brand Video & Animation
Motion Graphics
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Identity System

The fluidity of the new logo icon, coupled with the effortless flow of the new wave asset & soothing use of colour gradients used throughout the new brand identity created a strong sense of efficiency, effortlessness & motion.

A careful balance of imagery demonstrated product features & technical expertise, with humanity & personality – creating tiers of imagery that captured end-users, customers, products & industry sectors.

Imagery of the end-user focused on their experience & emotions, depicting varied audiences engaging with a range of content through the power, scale & flexibility of Dalet’s transformational products, services & talented support teams.

Creating a Brand Family

A consistent set of individual product brand identities were created to form a coherent & unified brand family.

Throughout the last 30 years, Dalet had acquired multiple businesses & launched various products. With speed the priority, each was quickly added to their offering without any consideration – creating an overwhelming & disjointed user journey & product architecture.

By conducting research with Product Managers & customers, we soon identified each of the products different audiences, benefits & capabilities.

We then set about simplifying & harmonising their offering, creating a brand family that ensured clear distinction between products, whilst visually part of the same coherent set.

Corporate & Product Deliverables

Once we had created our brand family, we set about producing a host of product-specific deliverables.

A range of whitepapers, product datasheets & PowerPoint templates were created to support the sales & support teams in their roles. Social media headers were designed, as well as laptop screen wallpapers.

Corporate & product animated stings, bumpers & lower thirds were created to ensure all video content produced was consistent & professional throughout.

Working with Fable&Co. has been a game-changer for us at Dalet. From the start, we saw the tremendous creative skills, design and branding expertise, as well as the impressive attention to detail that is a trademark of the agency. The team is a pleasure to work with and always focus on results and reaching objectives. What else could you ask for?

– Robin Kirchhoffer, Director of Marketing, Operations & Content

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