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Fin-tech, ad-tech, mar-tech, insur-tech, prop-tech, bio-tech, ed-tech, health-tech, reg-tech - the list goes on...

Fable&Co. has witnessed first-hand the seismic shift that technology has played in disrupting every industry under the sun. This wave of tech-enabled, investor-backed, fast-paced, data-heavy brands continue to dominate industry after industry around the world.

One of my personal favourite neologism – ‘mad-tech’, referring to the confluence of marketing, advertising & technology.

This would be Fable&Co’s starting point back in 2014, when we embarked on our first foray into the world of technology branding, fast forward seven years & Fable&Co. have managed to carve out an impressive list of achievements working alongside some exceptionally progressive tech brands.

At last count we have been responsible for rebranding 15 leading tech companies & launching 5 ambitious start-up brands in the tech space too.

With such evolution & disruption, has there ever been a more opportune & important time for dental practices to reflect & consider if their brand is meeting the changing needs of their customers?

Fable&Co’s journey into the world of tech began with Statiq, a leading provider of data, enabling advertisers to implement highly targeted mobile advertising campaigns through audience location profiling. Statiq went on to sell to the technology behemoth Telefonica in 2017 for around £3.5 million.

Read the Statiq case study here.

“Statiq went on to sell to the technology behemoth Telefonica in 2017.”

We started working with Fable&Co. as we needed to simplify our sometimes complex business offering, as well as to redesign our aging website. They set about understanding our products & industry before articulating a strategy that would assist in the future growth of our business. Their thought process was effective & the design of our new website was seamless. The exceptional quality of their work & their commitment has assisted Statiq with our impressive growth since launch.

– Dean Cussell, Managing Director, Statiq

Fable&Co. were then fortunate to have caught the attention of global tech brand Grapeshot, a multinational software company with headquarters in New York, who approached Fable&Co. with one clear goal – to develop a new brand identity that would help catapult them towards their ambitious long-term goals. Grapeshot went on to sell in 2017 for around $325 million.

Read the Grapeshot case study here.

“To develop a new brand identity that would help catapult them towards their ambitious long-term goals.”

Working with an ambitious, high-growth tech business presented us with an exciting challenge. We learnt just how innovative & powerful Grapeshot’s proposition is – the speed, scale & accuracy of the underlying technology is incredibly effective. It was clear the current identity undersold their impressive credentials. Following intensive creative sessions & collaborative workshops, we developed a strong visual identity that brought a new sense of commercial professionalism, whilst retaining Grapeshot’s unique brand personality & culture.

– Jack Archer, Account Director, Fable&Co.

With Fable&Co’s reputation now growing within the technology branding realm our next challenge would be to strategically rebrand Ogury, one of the fastest-growing tech businesses in Europe. Fable&Co. were approached with an exciting & complex challenge; to work with Ogury to develop & introduce a revolutionary, new market category to the world. Ogury are now highly regarded as the global technology leader in mobile brand advertising with a team of over 500 staff in over 17 offices around the world.

Read the Ogury case study here.

“Ogury, one of the fastest-growing tech businesses in Europe.”

The opportunity to partner with such an impressive, fast-growth tech business, not only to develop a brand identity but to help define a revolutionary new market category, was an incredibly exciting & significant challenge for our team. We worked collaboratively with the brilliant minds at Ogury to interpret the unique technological capabilities & extract the key benefits of each of their innovative products. From this, we were able to develop a distinct value proposition & visual brand identity that was bold, memorable & impactful, & truly reflected the essence of Mobile Journey Marketing.

– Jack Archer, Account Director, Fable&Co.

One of our more recent branding challenges appeared in the form of a technology brand which harnessed 30 years of heritage, strong legacy & reputation. Dalet – the world’s leading media solutions & service provider that places technological innovation & human collaboration at the heart of everything they do.

Read the Dalet case study here.

“Dalet – the world’s leading media solutions & service provider that places technological innovation & human collaboration at the heart of everything they do.”

Working with Fable&Co. has been a game-changer for us at Dalet. From the start, we saw the tremendous creative skills, design and branding expertise, as well as the impressive attention to detail that is a trademark of the agency. The team is a pleasure to work with and always focus on results and reaching objectives. What else could you ask for?

– Robin Kirchhoffer, Director of Marketing, Operations & Content

Within the tech space the speed of growth to exit strategy is rapidly increasing, this doesn’t leave room for confusing branding, misleading messaging or a failed marketing campaign.

Technology brands need to be fully equipped & ready to launch into the world, gaining the right exposure, the right attention & attracting the right audience.

At Fable&Co. we understand the ever increasing role that technology plays in our lives & in our futures. We recognise this power & potential & want to help elevate start-up ideas to success.

Technology can be confusing & subsequently what we aim to simplify & humanise tech brands, creating an emotional connection, communicating complex business propositions simply, through smart brand strategies & engaging visual identities & marketing.

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