Responsive Website Design & Development

Responsive Web Design & Design is an approach to web design that takes into account the screen size of every device in which the content could be viewed, by allowing it to seamlessly adapt itself & respond to its environment.

Consequently, the need to design ‘various websites’ is no longer needed. The internet big bang has not only seen the number of screen sizes grow & continue to grow, but also the absolute number of people who are viewing content on their mobile phones.

Research has shown that for many websites, the number of users visiting content on mobile has surpassed desktop users, with this fast speeding trend showing no signs of decelerating. As a result, it is imperative that a business website is designed in a responsive manner.

Mobile screens differ vastly from more sizeable desktop counterparts. They contain a diluted version of the webpage with less content & functionality leaving a comparatively primitive experience.

Aside from the issue of logistical complications for various differing mobile sites, a further botheration is the amplitude of screen sizes. It is not a one size fits all solution to this problem. It is a designer, developer & programmer dance of modification.

At Fable&Co. our in-house team adopts a mobile-first approach to web design & technology. We explore & work not only on the design itself, but on usability & user experience. As consumer expectations & behaviours shift towards convenience, speed & simplicity the traditional model of web design has been ousted from its inflexible position of power. We can enable safe proofing, a faster & more enjoyable optimised user experience & a longer shelf life for our responsive sites.

We train & support our meaning once they are able to hold the reigns they are fully briefed on updates & maintenance. Allow users to share a collective sigh of relief as they enjoy the benefits of increasingly placing trust in our maintained sites & become part of this digital revolution.

You are cruising along, then technology changes. You have to adapt.

– Marc Andreessen, Co-Author of Mosaic & Co-Founder of Netscape