Video involves displaying, recording & broadcasting moving images.

It is an electronic medium which in a digital marketing sense is recurrently seen online from social media streaming to pop ups. Whilst it can be seen in outdoor advertising & on TV, this display of moving media is Incorporated into marketing campaigns & used to promote a business’ product or brand.

In a world of technological immediacy & content over-saturation consumers are increasingly opting for quick, passive & entertaining video ads. As more communications move to video & consumers keep favouring this way to be entertained, research & learn, companies who want constant & reliable success are turning to this medium to tell their stories through the moving image.

The benefits of using video as a marketing tool are extensive. Websites with video content can boost SEO & Google rankings even culminating in a result on the front page. Research has shown videos not only grab the attention of consumers more than alternative mediums but demand their attention & engagement too.

Text based content is less likely to be shared, embedded or commented on & with a lower level of engagement. Online media has an ongoing battle to fight to be seen and heard by the consumer but the press-play instantaneous of video is driving traffic its way.

It is important to bear in mind that higher demands are placed on production & logistics making video more challenging & time-consuming than editorial. These intrinsic characteristics of video present their own vexes which must be contended with as video becomes the eclipsing form of content marketing online.

Fable&Co. know how to navigate these complexities having made video central to our portfolio of services since our inception. Our team has an ardent interest in this electronic medium that makes for a focused & informed process from brief to distribution. We have the full range of production and distribution contacts to ensure that your video resonates. The team will take care of every detail: creative vision, equipment & logistics, contracts, bookings, scripting, scheduling, locations, casting, filming, editing & delivering.

Video truly has become the de-facto way for corporate communications to handle many efforts in advertising, branding & internal communications. Refraining from dabbling in this medium could consequently result in being left trailing behind with the companies who are afraid of change.

The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.

– Brent Leary, Co-Founder of CRM Essentials