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With over ten years of modular home building experience, Boutique Modern approached Fable&Co. with a worthy & ambitious challenge; to transform their proposition, placing purpose & sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Since launching Boutique Caravans in 2010, the business evolved into manufacturing bespoke, high-quality modular homes to a fastidious & affluent private clientele.

National press coverage & appearances on Grand Designs followed, along with awards & recognition from Build Residential Top 50 Awards – reflecting their growth & success as a modular home manufacturer.

Despite the success, the board of directors are socially conscious individuals & knew they now had the reputation, experience & set up that would allow them to help tackle a national crisis.

Our task was to reposition Boutique Modern as a business that was leading the way in helping to address the alarming shortage of affordable housing across the South of England.

Making a Pledge

Whilst getting stuck into the strategic phase of this rebrand, the country was wrapped up in Brexit. Empty promises & unsubstantiated ‘facts’ bandied about without any accountability. This inspired us, to do the opposite…

Whilst modular building companies exist, the concept was still relatively new & the benefits unknown to many. If Boutique Modern were to set a precedent, they needed to educate along the way & be outrightly confident in their approach & ambitions.

Unlike our glorified government, Boutique Modern would articulate their goals clearly as ‘pledges’, & be held accountable for their progress.

Five core pledges were agreed upon, ranging from environmental impact & employment opportunities, to the number of homes built & energy saved. It was a process that galvanised & unified the workforce, knowing they were pursuing a bigger purpose so that everyone can have access to sustainable, affordable homes.

Crucially, it also spoke the language of our new audience, resonating strongly with local authorities & housing associations keen to provide families with quality homes, whilst helping them hit their targets.

Evolving The Identity

With the business taking a new direction & engaging with a more corporate audience, we needed to evolve the existing identity to demonstrate this change & reflect the business’s bold ambitions.

We crafted an identity that draws attention to the significant shortfall & gaps within social housing by using ‘blocks’. These blocks demonstrate the role that Boutique Modern plays – manufacturing affordable, sustainable modular homes that are the crucial missing component needed to help contribute to solving the housing crisis.

Once completed, delivered & installed, these homes help to address this need & bring communities closer together.

The bold use of typography helps to reiterate their mission & key pledges as a responsible business.

The colour palette utilises a solid, professional dark grey, alongside a clean white, whilst the pop of green gives a sense of vibrancy, life & nature.

An Emotional Connection

The imagery used throughout the identity looks to communicate a sense of humanity, helping to build a strong emotional connection with the audience.

As well as profiling real people now living in Boutique Modern homes, we looked to capture the positive & inclusive culture within the business.

Boutique Modern had created its own sustainable ‘360 economy’, whereby local, unskilled people were given the opportunity to join the company as an apprentice, learn the trade & work their way up.

Featuring the hard-working, passionate & friendly workforce in a natural & informal way would not only resonate with prospective partners & end-users, but encourage other young, unemployed people in the local community to join them.

Branded Materials

Boutique Modern are an active presence within the local community, & as part of their new business drive, would be hosting various meetings with potential partners.

To support them in their social & professional engagements, we produced a range of branded materials & merchandise.

This included brochures, whitepapers, posters, packaging, interior graphics & signage.

The Online Experience

The new website was to be a key asset to Boutique Modern in their quest for new partnerships, confidently articulating their new proposition & mission.

It was important that prospective partners were able to quickly understand what Boutique Modern were about & the value they can bring.

Comprehensive case studies featuring build highlights, plenty of imagery & customer stories helped to convey trust & credibility.

Subtle transitions that reward the user as they interact with the site, rather than distract, helped create an engaging & seamless digital experience throughout.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
Interior Office Graphics
Marketing Materials
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

It's a pleasure to work with the Fable&Co. team. It's clear from working with Ross & Jack that they have bought into our vision and truly care about the success of our business. Having invested time to get to know us as a company, they have delivered a re-brand that is sensitive to our history whilst being confident with our message forward - which was important to us. We're very excited to continue working with them through the next phase of our company growth, a large part of which is owed to the fantastic work they have already delivered.

– Lucas Shone, Projects Director

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