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Fable&Co. were approached by dog-loving duo, Cian & Ryan, to help them create & launch a new, high-quality dog clothing & accessories brand.

But much more than just premium products, together we had big ambitions; to deliver a personal, rewarding & memorable experience – a sanctuary for dogs, their owners & curious passers-by, that just so happens to sell beautiful products.

The aim was to create a brand identity that reflected the premium, yet characterful products, as well as the founders charm & personality.

The visual identity & language needed to resonate with a discerning audience, whilst strongly differentiate the brand from the more day-to-day, generic & dated competitors.

Finding Their Calling

Beginning with a thorough research process, we conducted a brand workshop with the founders, alongside a thorough competitor & industry analysis, allowing us to identify a niche for the new brand to be positioned.

A contemporary boutique brand occupying the high-end, modern & sophisticated space, but with personality, pulling on the heartstrings of style-conscious puppy lovers.

The name ‘Holler’ was coined because it demands attention; emulating an owner’s call to their best friend. Visually, we parallelled the imposing name with an equally eye-catching, bold identity.

Using a simple, monochrome colour palette & clean typography, combined with confident imagery we created an identity that epitomised ‘premium’.

The tone of voice, whilst packed full of charm & confidence, was warm & welcoming – using colloquial language to encourage engagement & interaction with the brand.

Making Their Mark

To accompany the Holler brand wordmarque, we created a clean, bold icon & animation, capturing a curious dog turning its head, responding to call – or a ‘holler’.

Appearing alert & proud, the icon represented the show-stopping impression we intended for the brand, as well as channeling the brand name through its iconography.


The asset is abstractly composed of simple geometric forms from the word ‘Holler’, retaining consistency throughout the brand’s touchpoints, & utilised throughout all brand communications across various printed & digital applications.

How Fetching

The consumer-facing brand needed a strong, memorable strapline to accompany the visual identity.

After exploring a number of options, we landed at ‘How Fetching’ – a play on a dog’s favourite game of fetch, & the acknowledgment of someone or something we find attractive.

This also aimed to display a strong sense of personality & wit, helping to establish the brand by building an emotional, human connection with the audience.

Beyond Bricks & Mortar

Part of differentiating Holler to other competitors in the market, particularly launching as a physical store in Brighton, was to create a more immersive, personal experience – not just a store.

In order to achieve this, it had to go beyond bricks & mortar, & instead provide an escape – a sanctuary for dogs, their owners & curious passers-by. A space where everyone is welcome, where people can meet new friends, or have a coffee with the passionate owners.

This passion & profound love of dogs meant that customers & their canines will feel ‘loved’, whilst given the time to browse & admire, perusing the quality, unique products on offer.

Project Deliverables

Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Messaging & Copywriting
Corporate Stationery Design
Marketing Materials
Responsive Website Design & Development
Project Management
In-store Graphics
Exterior Signage

Managing The Brand

An extensive brand style guide was produced to communicate the various aspects of the new brand identity – logo, colour palette, typography, graphic assets, tone of voice & imagery. This was to encourage consistency for now & in the future, ensuring that any partner who works on the brand understands best practice across online & offline applications.

The Online Experience

After launching the physical store in Brighton, the next challenge was to design & develop an e-commerce website that would announce Holler to the world.

Paramount was to deliver a seamless shopping experience that enabled consumers to easily explore, find & purchase their desired products.

Integrating with Shopify gave us the functionality, flexibility & confidence to design a custom website that was robust, secure & capable.


Of equal importance was to ensure the online experience matched that of the in-store experience, maintaining brand consistency & personality throughout all brand touchpoints.

Subtle transitions throughout brought the website to life, with user-activated animations & movements, without distracting the user.

Working with Cian & Ryan was a real pleasure & a lot of fun! The brand name ‘Holler’ encapsulates their vibrant personalities, as well as reflecting their ambition to truly stand apart from the dull & uninspiring competition. The identity whilst modern & bold, is purposely simple, ensuring the high-quality, colourful products take centre-stage. We very much look forward to supporting Holler in the years to come.

– Jack Archer, Strategy & Account Director

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