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Fable&Co. were approached by Pelion Green Future with the challenge of further developing this ambitious brand, crafting a new visual identity & website that truly captured their prodigious mission - being the catalyst for change & innovation to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner future.

Pelion Green Future is an ambitious Munich-based venture capital firm with the aim of empowering entrepreneurs & businesses to create positive environmental change on a global scale. They work with the highly driven, intelligent & passionate people to ensure that the core purpose of every partnership is to work towards the same goal.

Pelion’s rapid growth & success highlighted the need to better communicate their impressive track record, niche experience & rapidly growing portfolio of progressive renewable energy businesses.

Our role would be to better reflect Pelion’s growing reputation in the world of climate tech, green equities & green infrastructure – ensuring their progressive & purposeful mission was was at the heart of everything created.

Together, Driving Change

Following the initial brand workshop, Fable&Co. discovered a formidable team of highly experienced & knowledgable individuals with a collective drive, passion & common belief that together we can contribute to achieving a truly clean & sustainable future.

Fundamental to Pelion’s success were the people – led by an accomplished & dynamic founding team, each new employee would bring a unique background & skillset with them that contributes to an inspired & productive working environment.

Not only the people within the Pelion business, but their formidable partners, who together with both funding & support form a powerful force for good, bringing Pelion great success & helping to instigate positive change.

Brand Wordmarque & Icon

Fable&Co. worked with Pelion to develop a logo that captured the gravitas of their intention, & the scale of their ambitions.

Fable&Co. crafted a logo-marque that used an eclipse to visually condense the aspirations, & intentions into one very simple, but easily translatable symbol. We wanted to use a symbol that inspired hope, insinuating the dawn of something new.

Along with the icon, we used an uppercase typeface, that relays confidence & conviction; whole-heartedly telling the audience that Pelion are the investment holding company that will not only deliver results, but lasting impact the future.

The Visual Identity

Our challenge was to reflect the overall brand strategy through a carefully crafted visual language that captured both the practical & emotional drivers engrained within the DNA at Pelion.

It was crucial we showcased the passion, intelligence & drive in an impactful yet succinct way, whilst paying homage to their critical mission; empowering people to create positive change on a global scale.

The identity utilised an abstract imagery style, combining  a mechanical alignment treatment to show how the right ideas, created by the right people, backed by the right investors will form a powerful collective & contribute to a sustainable, greener future.

The colour palette included dark, earthy tones of green & blue, conveying a sense of depth, trust & corporate professionalism, then paired with a very subtle hint of electric green – bringing out their progressive, innovative & dynamic nature.

Finally, a technical, well-structured layout system was created to demonstrate their extremely efficient, effective & methodical approach.

The Online Experience

The website will play a pivotal role in the growth of Pelion Green Future. It was vital that it operate as a gateway; functional, simple & intuitive.

Given the specific nature of the business, it was important to provide a very clear & simple user experience. Immediately on entering the site, users are able to choose between Green Infrastructure, Green Equities & GreenTech Ventures – dependent on which field of expertise they fall within.

Through our technical, grid-like layout, we created a confident & clean system that is focussed on logic & function.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
UI Design
UX Design
Brand Guidelines
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Brand Application

Formulating & articulating the new visual identity in a comprehensive Brand Style Guide was paramount to ensure consistency for all future deliverables.

Applying the identity meant constructing a strategic set of individual elements that all worked harmoniously.

It was critical, when constructing these elements, that the brand identity can be confidently handed over, whilst maintaining immaculate consistency & continuity – setting the standard for all possible eventualities as the business grows.

Working with Fable&Co. on our new brand identity – from research to application – was a very fruitful and exciting process. From the get-go, Fable&Co. displayed clear expertise and creativity, and managed to convince us with their strategic approach. We truly appreciated the effort to tailor the exceptional final design to our company vision as well as the team's dedication and focus throughout.

– Jan Kruger, Managing Director, Pelion Green Future

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