Branding & Website Design for Sustainability Consultancy

Fable&Co. embarked on a transformative journey alongside CBR Sustainability Partners, a progressive consultancy committed to fostering sustainable change. CBR partners with businesses & industries with a clear mission - to catalyse innovation, facilitate informed decision-making, & deliver a positive impact that resonates beyond conventional boundaries.

The transformation required for a sustainable future demands a radical yet meticulous approach. CBR recognises this critical need for change, & position themselves as consultants, technical project developers, & deal advisors, providing invaluable technology, business, & regulatory expertise to navigate the intricate & complex sustainable landscape.

CBR’s service areas are comprehensive, covering strategy & advisory, technology & innovation, finance & investment, & project development. This broad range of service is backed by vast experience, & is tailored to enable sustainable business practices & technological advancements.


The Circularity Approach

The circle at CBR represents the many positive aspects of working together towards their mission of driving positive sustainable change.

The circle in CBR’s identity is symbolic of their collaborative spirit. It represents commitment, enlightenment, & infinity, mirroring thier unwavering focus on sustainability & innovation. This emblem stands for regeneration, unity, parity, & wholeness, capturing the essence of collaboration within the CBR team & their shared goals with partners & clients.

CBR believes that, together, they possess the competence, compassion, & responsibility to drive positive change with lasting impact. Their mission is rooted in the conviction that collective efforts can overcome challenges & unveil opportunities during the green transition.

Striking New Visual Identity & Website Design

CBR’s new brand identity is a striking visual testament to progression, dynamism, impact, & opportunity. Crafted to convey a sense of forward motion, it symbolises the relentless march towards the future. 

The design radiates energy, commanding attention & leaving an indelible mark. It resonates with purpose, embodying the boundless potential of opportunity that comes with sustainable practices, innovation & collaborative problem-solving.

Brand Colour Palette

The carefully chosen new brand colour palette draws inspiration from the intricate beauty & diverse hues found in the natural world. Each colour is thoughtfully selected to mirror the richness & vibrancy of nature, reflecting the brand’s commitment to aligning with the organic elements present in our surroundings.

By incorporating tones reminiscent of skies, landscapes, & oceans, the colour palette not only conveys a visual connection to the environment but also symbolises the brand’s dedication to sustainability & the preservation of our natural resources.

This intentional selection of colours not only provides a fresh & aesthetically pleasing visual identity, but also serves as a visual representation of the brand’s values & its harmonious relationship with the world we inhabit.


Central to CBR’s fresh visual identity are artworks that exude a striking, charming, & inspiring essence. These bespoke creative brand assets seamlessly blend three core elements – the circle asset, industry & nature. The carefully selected landscape images, meticulously cut out, create a backdrop for our distinctive circle asset. Meanwhile, the grid asset, consistently overlaid onto the background image, maintains a cohesive and visually appealing element across all artworks.

In addition to utilising curated stock photography, a photoshoot was undertaken to authentically capture the genuine personality & culture of the dedicated & driven CBR team.

This was crucial in ensuring a sense of humanity & authenticity was present throughout the entire branding & website remit.

Website Design & Development

The new website plays a pivotal role in promoting the CBR Sustainability Partners brand, adeptly & confidently conveying CBR’s mission, approach, experience, culture & personality. Crucial to their continued growth & success is the hiring & retention of the brightest minds within the industry – synchronising with their deep-rooted aspiration of becoming the preferred employer of choice.

Achieving the ideal equilibrium between practicality & effectiveness was paramount, ensuring a user experience that is effortless, progressive & rewarding.

This balance was attained through careful planning & consideration of site architecture, whilst incorporating subtle parallax scroll animations & elegant page transitions, crafting an engaging experience.

In Summary

In conclusion, CBR Sustainability Partners’ branding case study showcases not only their diverse expertise but also their commitment to driving positive, sustainable change. Through collaboration, innovation, & a bold brand identity, CBR stands poised at the forefront of shaping a future that is both impactful & enduring.

Working with Fable&Co.has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their expertise in crafting a comprehensive brand strategy and building a cutting-edge website has propelled us to new heights. From the initial consultation to the final launch, their team exhibited professionalism, creativity, and unwavering dedication. Thanks to their outstanding services, we've seen tangible results and a significant impact on our brand's visibility and success. We wholeheartedly recommend Fable&Co. to any organization seeking exceptional quality and remarkable outcomes.

– Christoph Behrendt-Rieken, CBR Managing Partner