Branding for the Renewable Energy Transition

The past few years have accelerated a dramatic interchange in global energy production, infrastructure & utilisation. Most significantly & noticeably the ongoing push for sustainability, as the planet, governments, investors & consumers fixate on environmentally-conscious alternatives to fossil fuels – uniting in our push for net zero emissions.

Climate tech, clean tech, renewable energy, zero net, climate emergency, energy transition, green energy, clean energy – these terms have become customary in our daily lives in recent years.

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The critical-nature & vast exposure of the challenge upon us has led to growing government accountability, & with that, a requirement & huge opportunity for ‘green investments’.

Renewable energy trusts have become particularly attractive to investors – since 2013, there have been 14 funds established with more than £13bn of assets between them. Many green investment opportunities can provide stable returns, along with the added benefit of the environmental, ethical, ‘feel good’ factor associated with doing the right thing for the planet.

Clean energy investment continues to grow, but it needs to increase significantly if the world has a chance of achieving its mission. It is predicted that investment in renewables must more than triple to $1.3 trillion annually by 2030 if the world is to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Fable&Co. take a look back at some of the pioneering brands we’ve worked with, playing our part in helping accelerate & transition towards a clean energy future.


Fable&Co. were first approached by Pelion Green Future with the challenge of further developing this ambitious brand, crafting a new visual identity & website that truly captured their prodigious mission – being the catalyst for change & innovation, helping to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner future.

Read the Pelion Green Future case study here.

“Pelion’s emerging position as a leader in the green investments space was evident through their high-calibre team, innovative approach & savvy investments.”

Working with Fable&Co. on our new brand identity – from research to application – was a very fruitful and exciting process. From the get-go, Fable&Co. displayed clear expertise and creativity, and managed to convince us with their strategic approach. We truly appreciated the effort to tailor the exceptional final design to our company vision as well as the team's dedication and focus throughout.

– Jan Kruger, Managing Director, Pelion Green Future

Fable&Co. were fortunate to have caught the attention of Tion Renewables, formally known as Pacifico Renewables. They identified the need to strategically reposition & rebrand to facilitate a wider breadth of proposition. Fable&Co. embarked on a journey of discovery into the very heart of publicly listed green energy investments.

Read the Tion Renewables case study here.

“The visual identity was created to represent Tion Renewables as a highly progressive, innovative & forward thinking renewable energy company, whilst maintaining a crucial sense of quality, trust & reliability.”

From start to finish, Fable&Co. were outstanding. We were taken aback by the depth of the research phases, which led to the formation of a truly unique brand strategy and messaging framework. They clearly understood our objectives and delivered our rebrand & website project with grace and poise throughout. Jack, Ross and the team have been exemplary, & as a result and it’s my honour to highly recommend Fable&Co.

– Christoph Strasser, Co-CEO, Tion Renewables

With Fable&Co.’s reputation growing within the renewable energy industry, our next challenge would be to strategically rebrand Pacifico Energy Partners – renowned for developing wind, solar, battery & hydrogen technologies – undertaking a brand refresh & website redesign.

Read the Pacifico Energy Partners case study here.

“Over the last 6 years this dynamic & progressive company operate at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.”

We have highly appreciated working with the team at Fable&Co. Their ability to listen and truly understand what we do, and who we are as a business, was impressive and beyond our expectations. They really guided us through the process and made everyone on our team feel involved. We are extremely happy with the outcome as this will support Pacifico’s way to become a leading renewable energy player in Europe. Thank you!

– Thomas Lorenz, COO, Pacifico Energy Partners

Our most recent branding challenge was for a world class renewable energy brand in the US market, recognised for excellence in the development of resilient utility-scale energy projects. Valor Infrastructure Partners commissioned Fable&Co. to establish & develop a visual brand identity & website that truly reflected their authentic approach, commercial acumen & commitment to excellence – led by a team of industry veterans, striving to create a brighter energy future.

Read the Valor Infrastructure Partners case study here.

“Valor Infrastructure Partners works responsibly, effectively & collaboratively to turn under utilised land into lucrative renewable energy projects. Offering consistent & sustainable returns for land owners throughout the US.”

We were very impressed with the depth of understanding and coverage that Fable&Co. had for all phases of our website and brand initiatives. Jack, Ross and the team all did an amazing job and were very patient as we worked through the project. We highly recommend the Fable&Co. team and look forward to working with them on future projects.

– Ivan Zyla, CCO & Co-Founder, Valor Infrastructure Partners

Fable&Co.'s Guiding Thought

Renewable energy brands are in the midst of great opportunity, however, they will face stiff competition & will need to give special consideration to:



01. Attracting & retaining top-level talent

Ambitious brands know too well that without the right team in place the business is unlikely to succeed. Branding plays a vital role in influencing top-tier talent to join one brand over another, building a deeper connection with potential candidates even before an application is made.

Shared values, mission & vision can go a long way in ensuring new hires are emotionally invested & fully aligned with the brand, whilst motivating its people towards the same goal, offering greater job satisfaction, longevity & commitment. This can alleviate the need to compete purely on salaries & benefits alone.



2. Influencing purchasing decisions

With the energy transition a global challenge, the importance of collaboration through strategic partnerships & investment is pivotal to success.

The ability to attract long-term, sustainable business opportunities stems from demonstrating credibility, commonality & clarity. Communicating the brand proposition clearly & concisely, showcasing professionalism, expertise & experience, along with alignment on values, mission & vision will help inspire confidence, garner attention & influence key decision-makers.



3. Standing apart through authenticity

The emergence of renewable energy start-ups & established businesses adopting ‘green’ buzzwords means transparency & authenticity should be championed.

By embracing a candidness & openness, brands can really begin to engage on a more emotional & human level with its varied brand audiences, shining a light on its people, its culture, its purpose & collective aspirations.

The role of branding is becoming increasingly important as we unite in our push for net zero emissions.

Green buzzwords may be ‘on-trend’ right now, but renewable energy brands must be looking to define themselves for the long-term. Establishing a meaningful, solid foundation to build upon – to hire the best talent, to form the best partnerships, to secure the best investment, to achieve their critical mission.

Fable&Co. is here to empower these pioneering brands in their quest & play our part in the acceleration towards a clean energy future.

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