Rebrand & Website for Vertical Future

Vertical Future approached Fable&Co. with a mission to conduct a comprehensive rebrand & launch a new website that better communicated their reputation as one of the world's leading vertical farming technology & research companies.

Vertical Future are at the forefront of the vertical farming industry, and it was our mission – working alongside their accomplished team – to establish a unique brand proposition, brand messaging & visual identity to help promote this highly ambitious agri-tech brand as it continues to scale it’s operations significantly throughout the UK & globally.


It was clear from the start that this rebrand needed to reinforce just how committed & passionate Vertical Future are to empowering people to produce high-quality, nutrient-rich crops in the most optimal, efficient, & sustainable way. Communicating this brand purpose, & ensuring that we connect on an emotional level with the audience was imperative.


Research & Strategy

Pioneering technology, inspiring smarter farming.

Fable&C0. conducted a strategic brand workshop that delved deep into the teams thoughts, opinions, values & purpose, & gained insight into what sets them & their business apart.

Unearthing a true passion, & unwavering commitment to providing the tools through innovative technologies that enable more scientific & sustainable approach, which can work alongside & complement more traditional methods of farming.


Uncovering this bigger picture & purpose, where Vertical Future’s network contributes to the global crop production no longer being under threat, where humans are healthier & communities are responsible for a self-sufficient nutrient source.

Our future is looking up.

Brand Wordmarque & Icon

Fable&Co. created a minimal, modern & fluid, monogram logo & wordmarque with seamless forms that encapsulates notions of strong foundations & a forward motion towards a brighter future.

We have crafted an VF monogram that seamlessly transitions from a ‘v’ to an ‘f’. The grounding nature of the ‘v’ gives a sense of strong foundations, whilst the ‘f’s abstract curves signal a forward motion.

The wordmarque consists of a vertically stacked, san-serif typeface constructed from elementary geometric shapes & monolinear lines to form a clean & modern wordmarque.

The circular forms represent life & infinity whilst the monolinear lines represent the vertical structure & order. The curves in the ascender of the ‘f’ & base of the ‘t’s have been crafted to give a more technical feel.

The Visual Identity

To represent the new strategy & concept, we drew upon the diligent, attention to detail inspired by the processes of the team & the scientific approach that’s at the heart of everything Vertical Future do.

Our visually striking, minimal identity captures the meticulous detail & unwavering commitment Vertical Future has to developing and implementing the best technologies for the benefit of crop production.

At the very core of our new identity is our proud ‘circle’ asset, inspired by the sun & the earth, representing emotive notions of evolution, transformation, vitality & perfection. Furthermore, our circle device acts as an aperture to our beautiful & intricate macro photography of organic matter. This reflects the controlled environment, monitoring, & analysis involved in our scientific & technology-driven approach to vertical farming.

The new harmonious colour palette also really sets Vertical Future apart. It’s intentionally diverse & wide-ranging, while at the same time being in tune and in touch with hues derived from the beauty of our natural world.

We set about creating a suite of unique, macro images juxtaposed with blurred images behind to really reinforce the idea of precision and exactness that’s evident across the scientific & data driven nature of what Vertical Future offer.

The Online Experience

The new Vertical Future website would play a crucial role in generating new business leads across the globe.

It was important to showcase the four unique service offerings, along with the number of growing sectors that implement Vertical Futures technology – & how they benefit from the Consulting, R&D, Technology & Operating Services that Vertical Future provide through engaging case studies.

A diverse colour palette was used across the website with various colours helping distinguish between different service offerings.


Subtle transitions & animations especially within the macro circle module create an engaging user experience, whilst thought-provoking stats & statements helped to reinforce the important mission, purpose & vision that’s at the centre of everything Vertical Future do.

The Importance of Video

Vertical farming is about far more than just growing crops. It’s about health, social impact, circular communities, more sustainable models of living, infrastructure & above all, innovation in the face of a rapidly changing climate & supply chains. That’s why Vertical Future continue developing pioneering technologies to inspire smarter farming. To demonstrate this Fable&Co. crafted a unique & powerful brand video that emphasises the key strategic messaging along with engaging & thought provoking visuals.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
UI Design
UX Design
Brand Guidelines
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Brand Application

Formulating & articulating the striking new visual identity in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines was paramount to ensure consistency for all future deliverables, & set the standard for all possible eventualities as the business grows rapidly.

The option to use our set of macro images allowed us to explore various combinations of colours & imagery across a host of different deliverables so that the identity never got stale.

There was an immediate requirement to create a suite of branded applications, including a corporate PowerPoint deck, social media templates & merchandise, as well as a more traditional set of corporate stationery such as letterheads & business cards.

It didn't take long to realise that Vertical Future, whilst fundamentally a technology business, were driven by the people within it. A collective of smart, passionate, outspoken individuals that brought with them inspired thinking, bold ideas & big ambitions. Our objective was to harness this energy and translate it into a brand identity & language that captured their personality & vision, whilst resonating effectively with the audience. We are incredibly proud of the work we have created together, & are excited to see the next chapter unfold for Vertical Future.

– Jack Archer, Director, Fable&Co.

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