Branding & Website Design for Sustainable Investment Firm

SUSI Partners approached Fable&Co. with the challenge to effectively rebrand this long established, yet trailblazing investment firm - contributing to shaping a cleaner, greener future through the use of sustainable, reliable, & affordable energy.

SUSI Partners is a pioneering, independent investment manager based in Switzerland, dedicated to driving the global energy transition. With a stellar track record in private, mid-market investment opportunities, they channel institutional capital into transformative projects that propel us towards climate neutrality. 

Their mission is to generate outstanding risk-adjusted and impactful returns for our clients while making significant contributions to global decarbonisation. For over 15 years, SUSI Partners have been trailblazers in the energy transition investment arena, continuously leading the charge.

Impactful Returns

SUSI Partners specialise in investing in private energy infrastructure assets & companies that produce clean energy, enhance energy efficiency, & support the electrification & use of sustainable, reliable, & affordable energy.

They not only invest but also expertly manage portfolios, they foster close client relationships, & uphold the highest standards of operational excellence.

As the global energy landscape evolves, SUSI remain at the forefront, identifying & seizing new opportunities within this dynamic & expanding investment universe – shaping a cleaner, greener future.

Striking New Visual Identity & Website Design

SUSI Partners new brand identity is a striking visual testament to progression, dynamism, & outcome-orientated approach. Crafted using clean lines & a streamlined form to represent the brand’s effectiveness & clarity. The minimalist style ensures the identities versatility across various platforms & media.


The upward, sweeping lines of the logo & fluid curves throughout the identity, typographic & graphic language evoke a sense of positivity & progress, inspiring confidence & optimism in clients & stakeholders alike.

The dynamic curves & clean lines reflect SUSI Partners’ proactive & results-driven approach, reinforcing their commitment to achieving impactful outcomes in the energy transition. This design element not only ties directly to renewable energy assets but also conveys a sense of movement & progress.

Brand Characteristics

The visually striking combination of blues & greens carry deep associations & connotations that effectively communicate the values & goals of SUSI Partners. When combined, they create a harmonious palette that balances nature with technology & sustainability with innovation.

Through the combination of modern typography with a solid, grounded design, & carefully balanced use of colour, the new brand identity communicates SUSI Partners’ established & progressive presence in the industry.

The brand identity evokes a strong sense of trust, dependability, & intelligence. It suggests a forward-looking, global perspective on energy solutions.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Website Design & Development

The new website is central to promoting the SUSI brand – effectively &  confidently showcasing their mission, approach, experience, culture, & personality.

Striking the perfect balance between practicality & effectiveness was crucial, ensuring a user experience that is seamless, innovative, & rewarding.

This balance was achieved through meticulous planning & thoughtful site architecture, complemented by subtle scroll animations & elegant page transitions, creating an engaging experience.

We engaged Fable&Co to help us with a brand design refresh that preserved our core identity but modernised the look and feel of our brand. It was not an easy task, but their clean and modern design work met all our requirements and did so on an ambitious timeline. Fable&Co are not satisfied with delivering the minimum. They truly care about and take pride in the brands they create.

– Dimitri Schubiger, Senior Communications & Marketing Manager, SUSI Partners