Elite Production House Rebrand & Website

Absurdly talented, London-based, boutique production house 'Hide&Seek' approached Fable&Co. with the compelling challenge, to redefine their existing brand identity. The brief - to effectively represent their awe-inspiring aptitude & expertise in crafting transformative films that move people, organisations & the world.

Over the past five years, Hide&Seek have expertly crafted an infectious selection of highly impactful & astoundingly successful films, attracting the likes of Netflix, BBC & Channel 4 along with many other international streaming services & broadcasters to showcase their artistry on a global stage.

Hide&Seek’s reputation & influence had gathered phenomenal pace since their inception back in 2017. Like many brands, this significant transformation highlighted an obvious need to address their own brand personality, tone & identity to ensure it effectively communicated where they were now heading, rather than where they had emerged from.

Fable&Co’s challenge was to create a slick new visual identity which better reflected Hide&Seeks abilities. Paramount to the brief was to demonstrate the critical role that ‘perspective’ has in demystifying complex societal matters, by demonstrating the reality of life through an alternative lens used by the mainstream media.

The Playful Logo

The new logo was crafted to simply denote the playful narrative behind the name Hide&Seek. The word ‘hide’ sits behind the other letters in the wordmarque, hidden from view, like the stories Hide&Seek masterfully bring to light with aplomb. 


Emblematic of a modern, progressive aesthetic, a distinctive brand monogram was created to complement the primary wordmarque. Designed as a simple yet highly distinctive H&S monogram, offering greater flexibility & versatility across the inevitable variety of sizing requirements. 


Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Brand Guidelines
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Strategic Brand Messaging

The brand tagline ‘Moving Pictures’ inspired by the time-honoured characterisation of film making. The double meaning however has far more poignancy – referring to the role that their films play in inspiring policy change, influencing critical funding for key causes or simply connecting with the hearts & minds of millions of people around the world through cinematic documentaries which demonstrate the reality of life through a different lens.

Brand Identity

The contemporary, avant-guard & pioneering aesthetic of Hide&Seek’s new brand identity perfectly reflects the superior quality of films they produce. The simple, black & white colour palette is further supported by a polished ‘metallic-like’ gradient which is used throughout the brand identity, which gives the identity additional depth & progressive ‘high-tech’ qualities, helping emphasise the innovation inherent within both the techniques & philosophies which Hide&Seek embodies.

The Online Experience

To reflect the confidence that comes with this new brand identity, we crafted a website which compliments the quality of work that Hide&Seek has become renowned for.

One of our primary goals with this new website design was to create a cutting-edge digital experience featuring soft scrolling, seamless transitions, & clean aesthetics which do not distract from the portfolio of work, but help in creating a unique and enjoyable user experience.

Throughout the website we use large image and video modules to ensure the portfolio is front & centre, whilst the minimal, typographic based design style helps guide the user to each page.

From day one, working with the team at Hide&Seek was an absolute pleasure and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Working with their team, it was clear straight away that they had complete faith in us to create a brand identity which strategically repositioned the brand, ensuring that they stand out as a progressive & highly accomplished production company. It’s been an honour to work with such a great client, & I can’t wait to see what Hide&Seek has in store for the future.

– Ben Carvey, Brand Artist, Fable&Co.

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