Agency Branding & Website Design

Five rewarding years of continued growth & success as an agency, Fable&Co. had come along way since our humble beginnings back in 2014.

Just like any other business, it was now the right time to ask ourselves some important questions. Such as, who are Fable&Co? What do we represent? What is our brand purpose? What does our future look like & how we are expecting to get there?

With intent, we set about the exciting but daunting challenge of rebranding Fable&Co.

Despite our extensive competence & experience in this department, the undertaking was fraught with trepidation.

We would soon learn that managing our very own rebrand effectively, whilst balancing the delivery of multiple client projects, would prove hugely challenging.

Our Culture & Purpose

First things first, research. This vital phase took the form of a series of valuable discussions with the team, covering topics such as competitor analysis, audience segmentation, industry insight & analysis. We considered at length our journey so far, identifying our unique strengths (& weaknesses), along with future ambitions as an agency.

Identifying our unique positioning & proposition was a significant milestone, & an especially important one if we were going to continue to develop & succeed as an agency.

This included defining clarity & cohesion around our tone of voice & brand personality, & in particular, how this would all eventually be conveyed throughout our future marketing.

The next crucial phase was collectively defining & articulating our brand purpose.

Again, involving the entire team we conducted our tried & tested purpose exercise using tailored worksheets, followed by a workshop to extract deeper meaning behind why it is we do what we do. The insight from the team was enlightening & aligned, meaning we could then begin to craft a clear, concise & powerful purpose statement.

Brand Purpose

Thoughtful Creativity, Fuelling Ambition.

Thoughtful creativity means intention: on purpose over profitability. It’s a desire for truth – working from the inside out, to dig right to the source & find the moral of the story.

It means thinking of the bigger picture: how we’re impacting the zeitgeist & how what we do can be a force for good, beyond us. Without this perspective, a brand is hollow, it’s lifeless.

It’s an approach: we think great work is born at the intersection of right & left brain thinking. Where strategic thought & reason meets creativity & artistry; intuition with rationality. It’s a careful balance that when perfectly executed, allows ideas to flourish & incredible things to happen.

Thoughtful creativity is a feedback loop to ambition. Our method of creating meaningful work, with passion & spirit, fuels our ambition & the cycle continues. It feeds us. It’s what keeps us going. It’s the people we hire, the clients we work with & the ideas we conjure. Ambition is our common denominator.

Because without ambition, what else? Why bother? It’s the spark that ignites us. It’s the reason beneath action. It keeps us inspired, focused & always asking questions.

Ambition is our attitude: it’s what drives us to punch above our weight as an agency. It makes us brave enough to risk failure but courageous enough to succeed every time.

This ambition & dedication to create inspired, meaningful work is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It allows us to continuously strive for the best – because we are serving something much bigger, pushing everything we do to reach its fullest potential.

Refreshing Our Identity

Elements of our original visual identity were retained, such as our primary logo, F&C monogram, our tagline ‘Brand Artistry’ along with much of our written content remaining untouched. Our challenge now was to craft & develop an authentic visual language, one that truly reflects who we are as a brand.

We explored three different visual look & feel concepts, before confidently moving ahead with a series of stylish & sophisticated, photo-montage style creative artworks. Each of these initial artworks were unique visual representations of Aesops Fables, that drew parallels with important morals related to delivering effective branding, design & digital projects.

These artworks were meticulously crafted with deep meaning & visual allure. It was important for us to bring to life the meaning of ‘Brand Artistry’, throughout our new identity, greatly demonstrating our creative competence & dexterity not only as brand designers, but as brand artists.

The Online Strategy

Updating our visual identity inline with our new brand positioning strategy was just the beginning of what would become our most significant challenge. As this project progressed, it was becoming clearer & clearer that a full website redesign & build would be on the horizon. However, before we could consider the design of the new website, we would first have to identify what new content would be required to effectively re-position Fable&Co.

Content Creation

As is the case with the vast majority of projects that we undertake, content creation is often the bottleneck with regards to slowing down project timings. Scheduling photoshoots & video shoots, writing compelling messaging & copy. It was certainly no different in this instance either, with so many moving parts to align, our original timings for launch seemed somewhat unrealistic.

With the written content nearing completion we set about the design of the new & improved Fable&Co. website. With strong consideration given to content hierarchy, delivering a highly-effective user experience & confident brand marketing proposition, our new website emerged, efficiently & without complication.

Brand Artistry

An effective brand encourages a positive sentiment amongst its target audience & promotes a transcendent advantage in the marketplace.

It is not flippant, frivolous or superficial. It will stand out as well as stand the test of time. It will be driven by insight, conceptualised & applied with the utmost consistency.

We refer to this as Brand Artistry™

The Studio

It was important to us that our new studio environment effectively complemented & represented our new brand tone & vibe. Large artworks were created, printed & installed – instantly resulting in bringing to life our stylish, creative environment at long last.

A statement ivy wall, designer table-tennis table & exquisite bespoke furniture are just some of the interior design features carefully curated within the space. The studio began to take shape as our very own creative oasis – fusing striking wall vinyl’s balanced with clean white walls, offset with an abundance of Kentia palms & impressive hanging foliage.

The team & I have worked tirelessly to deliver the Fable&Co. brand refresh & new website. It certainly took longer than anticipated, however, I could not be more proud of what we have all achieved together. I have every confidence that our efforts will inspire us to continue to push boundaries, & enable us to build our own reputation, taking Fable&Co. to the next level & far beyond.

– Ross Davison, Creative Director, Fable&Co.