Law Firm Branding

Obsequium, meaning ‘compliance’ in Latin, is the primary focus of our clients’ business. The unique proposition offered by this innovative, Sydney-based organisation is their complementary service offering.

Part law firm, part risk consultancy & part training provider, which enables their clients to benefit from a truly holistic, efficient & refreshing approach to regulatory compliance.

Fable&Co. were commissioned to strategically rebrand this progressive & ambitious consultancy.

We began by conducting stakeholder research before articulating a unique brand positioning strategy, which inspired the core foundations for the design of the new brand identity.

The Logo & Wordmark

The ‘o’ within the new logo & wordmark is designed intentionally as a perfect circle – representing perfection, completion & unity.

This reflects the holistic nature of Obsequium’s unique approach & business offering, through seamless integration of complementary legal services – providing a truly comprehensive & transformational proposition.

The logo & wordmark is depicted with a simple, abstract halo hovering above the O, representing Obsequium’s ability to provide clear guidance & direction.

This minimal line asset is, in fact a diacritic accent, called a macron. A macron is used as an identifier for clear, communicable & distinct pronunciation. Parallels were drawn between these formidable qualities & Obsequium’s ability to dramatically simplify their client’s risk & compliance challenges.

Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
Interior Office Graphics
Marketing Materials
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Identity

The new identity included the creation of a highly versatile graphic device, comprised of a grid of small circles. The uniformed grid represents the many possibilities that each of their clients have to consider.

Obsequium provide shrewd insights & guidance, simplifying the often complicated process. They navigate their clients efficiently through a uniquely tailored & highly robust process to achieve business compliance.

Leading The Way

The vibrant, turquoise used throughout the identity injects a sense of energy & creativity to the brand. Acting as a beacon of light, they lead the way through potentially muddy waters, advising on the best strategy for now & for the future. The striking turquoise is complemented with a deep French navy, which provides the identity with a confidence & assuredness. This strong, bold colour palette represents Obsequium’s abilities to navigate complexities through the team’s vast experience, passion, knowledge & unconditional professionalism.

Basic rules of how the new identity should be applied were compiled in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, which include logo use, tone of voice, colour usage, imagery & graphic devices.

We demonstrate the new identity in action through visuals of the branded office environment, innovative merchandise & a complete suite of corporate stationery. These guidelines are a valuable tool in ensuring consistency & maintaining brand strength.

The Online Experience

Continuing to work alongside Jason & the team at Obsequium is a real pleasure. They support all our efforts & encourage us to push creative boundaries on their behalf. We are all delighted with the results, continuing to be a shining example of a transformational proposition & modern brand identity, within a traditionally conventional & somewhat formal industry.

– Matt Jones, Brand Artist, Fable&Co.

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