Law Firm Branding & Website

Pallas, multifarious goddess of war, wisdom, craftwork & intellect - was renowned for being strong-willed, notably loyal & exceptionally powerful. In Greek mythology Pallas was represented as the goddess of strategy, advanced weaponry, & unstoppable skills on the battlefield. Revered for having never lost a battle, the notion of having Pallas by your side was to guarantee a successful outcome.

This legendary namesake would provide a pertinent narrative to set the foundations for a new style of law firm. A firm that sets out to define a new blueprint of client experience, led by an accomplished team to deliver phenomenal results across investigations, arbitration & litigation.

Fable&Co. embarked on defining a truly unique brand strategy & identity for the launch of Pallas Partners. With refined sophistication, elegance & simplicity at its core, sharply differentiating this superior boutique law practice, by looking beyond the conventional field of vision.

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Refined Sophistication

The highly bespoke Pallas wordmarque was crafted with an emphasis on subtle finessing & refinements evident throughout the letterforms. This logo is used proud & confident in a ‘masthead’ fashion across many printed materials.

Superior Quality & Distinction

To support the wordmarque & for practical usage across small size requirements, Fable&Co. created a stylish monogram to be used as the brand icon, further complementing the Pallas brand identity.

This minimalist & modernist monogram depicts an elegant ‘P’ letterform, taken from the primary logo, & set within a crest shape as a lockup. This demonstrates the superior reputation for the highest quality & distinction for which the Pallas brand would immediately become synonymous for within the global legal landscape.

Consistency & Cohesion

The new Pallas brand identity was consistently applied to a comprehensive range of branded materials – from an elegant suite of corporate stationary & luxury merchandise, thorough to practical yet distinguished digital templates.

A range of premium paper stocks & stylish print finishes were selected to complement the visual identity & provide a tactility to the brand, adding further engagement & interest to printed materials.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Brand Guidelines
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Online Experience

It was crucial that the website portrayed the same sense of timeless sophistication & refinement.

Relaxed, natural imagery of the team at Pallas offered a sense of humanity & authenticity, not typically associated with elite law firms.

The Pallas website exudes sophistication & quality. The clean & structured design adopts confident use of clean space, subtle animations & transitions, as well as an intentionally simplified user experience & content strategy.

Working with the team at Fable&Co. has been one of the highlights of setting up Pallas. Right from the outset, the team immediately understood our vision and mission for the new firm. More importantly, Fable&Co were able to effortlessly articulate what we have set out to achieve into a truly exceptional & stunning brand identity, website & materials, adding immeasurable value to the overall project. The process was not just effortless but enormous fun & the commitment of the whole team unsurpassed. We are very excited to continue working with Fable&Co through this next phase of our firm’s growth.

– Natasha Harrison, Founder & Managing Partner, Pallas Partners