Branding & Website for Law Firm Consultancy

As a leading consultancy & advisory firm, Kindleworth specialise in launching & advising top tier law firms around the globe with a comprehensive array of critical services. Having worked alongside Kindleworth on behalf of their clients, it was now time for the team at Fable&Co. to develop a brand identity & website that would set strong foundations for future growth & success, effectively communicating their very own brand personality & unique brand proposition.

Kindleworth thrives through dynamic alliances with visionary leaders, uniting efforts to achieve common goals & navigate the path to success. This guiding principle has been ingrained in their DNA since Kindleworth’s inception over a decade ago. With an enviable track record of launching over 50 law firms, Kindleworth possess a reputation of excellence & distinction. Partly down to their laser-like focus & eminence in the field of law.

Kindleworth’s identity & marketing initiatives have traditionally been intentionally understated & passive, however, it was now time to support their transformative growth & future expansion, by venturing out of the shadows & into the light.

This rebranding effort & the launch of their new website marked a significant milestone for Kindleworth. Their breadth of experience & service offering had significantly increased, along with the dramatic expansion of their team of industry experts.

Kindle + Worth

The clean & robust wordmarque was crafted with an emphasis on visually contrasting the ‘Kindle’ & ‘Worth. Slender & delicate strokes convey a sense of lightness & agility, echoing the dynamic nature of ‘Kindle’; the spark. Paired with solid letterforms, the logo signifies stability & the unwavering qualities of ‘Worth’- experience, strength, & reliability.


A Dynamic & Progressive Monogram

Complementing the logo is a dynamic monogram symbolising new beginnings & change. This vibrant emblem, blending fiery red & blue shades, represents the spark of ‘Kindle’ & the resilience of ‘Worth.’ Its forward, angular motion mirrors Kindleworth’s innovative & progressive nature.


Igniting & Accelerating

The formation of vibrant gradients abstractly symbolise & differentiate the three Kindleworth sub-brands; Financial, Consulting & Technology. When these elements combine, react & work together, they create a self-sustaining chemical reaction.

The three colours come together & intertwine, reflecting Kindleworth injection of new life & purpose into existing law firms.

Grounded harmoniously with a deep charcoal grey to balance the igniting colour palette with a professional & sophisticated tone.

Proposition Statement & Tone of Voice

“Igniting & accelerating the worlds most progressive law firms.”

Kindleworth’s tone of voice would look to capture the personality within the business, conveying a feeling of confidence & experience, balanced with a sense of dynamism & approachability.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Brand Imagery & Photography

The overarching brand imagery plays an integral role throughout the brand identity, boldly & abstractly evoking a sense of positivity, ambition, dynamism & energy to the brand identity.

Consistency & Cohesion

Formulating & articulating the striking new visual identity in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines was crucial to ensure consistency for all future deliverables; from highly-functional digital templates, through to striking printed corporate stationery.

The Online Experience

The Kindleworth website evokes a sense of energy & dynamism, along with a sense of corporate professionalism & assuredness. The more abstract brand imagery is balanced with confident typography, clean space & minimal design with subtle transitions & effortless user experience. Authentic & professional photography of the team gave a sense of humanity & approachability, whilst capturing the personality & uniqueness of the individual.

In Summary

Working together with the exemplary team at Kindleworth, we have crafted a brand identity & website that now effectively communicates who they are, what they offer, & what they stand for as a brand. Not only from a visual standpoint, but the tone of voice, alongside a clear content hierarchy, has provided a solid & cohesive foundation for Kindleworth to continue its upward trajectory.

Fable&Co. consistently went above and beyond our expectations, demonstrating not only a profound understanding of our industry but also a remarkable ability to communicate our proposition effectively. Their unique ability to strike a balance between creativity and practicality was truly impressive, bringing fantastic ideas to the table while ensuring they were feasible and aligned with our objectives. Jack, Ross & the team were a pleasure to work with. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with their unwavering passion and problem-solving prowess, has undoubtedly elevated our brand to new heights. We look forward to continuing this remarkable journey together.

– James Hacking, Launch & COO, Kindleworth