Why is branding so important for law firms?

Firstly, let’s specify what Fable&Co’s definition of the term ‘branding’ actually means. Branding is the feeling, emotion or perception towards a certain product, business or service. Part of the branding process is creating a unique & recognisable visual brand identity to effectively communicate the brands proposition effectively to its desired target audience. It can involve establishing a distinct brand identity system, starting with a name, then creating a set of visual elements from logos, colours, graphic devices, imagery & messaging.

These visual elements combine to create a visual identity which is then applied consistently to all branded materials to set a business apart from its competitors & help build customer loyalty & valuable brand recognition. Effective branding communicates the brands values, purpose, personality & promise, accomplishing a strong & memorable impression in its audiences hearts & minds.

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Effective branding is important for a law firm for several reasons:


Credibility & Trust

Effective branding will establish a strong sense of credibility & trust: A strong brand can help establish valuable credibility & trust with potential clients, candidates & partners. A strategically branded law firm will give the desired impression of corporate professionalism, formidable expertise & superiority.


Differentiation From Competitors

With around an estimated 10,000 law firms operating within the UK it’s important to stand out for the right reasons. Branding will certainly help law firms stand out from its competitors by communicating its unique value proposition & unique brand positioning.


Builds Brand Recognition & Loyalty

A strong brand can help build recognition & loyalty among clients & potential clients. This will lead to long term relationships, repeat business, valuable referrals, & will result in a positive brand reputation being forged.


Increases Perceived Value

A well-branded law firm can increase the perceived value of its services & justify premium pricing.

In summary, Fable&Co. believe effective branding is critically important for a law firm because it will help establish credibility, differentiation from competitors, build valuable recognition & loyalty, along with increasing perceived value through a positive brand reputation. We have witnessed first-hand the impact that effective branding can have on the rapid growth & success of new legal firms.

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Another important aspect of the branding process is the role that employer branding plays to the future success of a law firm. 

Employer branding is the process of defining, articulating & promoting a company’s reputation as an employer. It is a crucial aspect of talent acquisition & retention, & it is especially important for law firms. Here are some reasons why:


Attracting Top Legal Talent

In the competitive legal industry, law firms need to attract the very best lawyers, associates & support staff to stay ahead of their competition. Building an enviable employer brand enables law firms to differentiate themselves from their competitors & attract the right talent suited to their firms unique requirements.


Retaining Legal Talent

Once a law firm has attracted top talent, it is important to keep them. An attractive employer brand can help to retain employees by creating a positive work environment, fostering a sense of belonging & pride in the brand they represent, & offering opportunities for personal growth & career development.


Building Trust & Credibility

In the legal industry, trust and credibility are so crucial. An employer brand that emphasises & communicates a law firm's commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility can help to build trust & credibility with clients, partners & employees.


Improving Client Relationships

A strong employer brand can also have a positive impact on client relationships for law firms. Clients are more likely to trust and work with a law firm that has a positive reputation as an employer, as this can indicate a commitment to high-quality work & ethical practices.

Overall, employer branding is essential for law firms that want to attract & retain top talent, build trust & credibility, & improve client relationships. By investing in their employer brand, law firms can create a competitive advantage that can help them succeed in a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Fable&Co. are highly adept & experienced at assisting law firms with strategic branding support & brand identity creation. We welcome the opportunity to continue to further our knowledge & experience working within the legal industry by crafting highly bespoke & tailored brands, identities & websites within the UK & beyond.

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