Law Firm Branding & Website

Setia, a new law firm based out of Singapore, approached Fable&Co. to craft a sophisticated brand identity & stylish website that reflects their innovative, progressive & confident approach.

Setia specialises in high-stakes dispute resolution & crisis management. Led by an expert team with formidable experience, they are driven by ingenuity & rooted in integrity.


Setia take great pride in their ability to help their clients find calm in chaos, & harmony in dissonance, whilst understanding & respecting the unique complexity, sensitivity, & challenge, that each case brings.

Fable&Co. embarked on defining a truly unique brand strategy & identity for the launch of Setia.

Distinctive By Nature

Setia, a Malay word translating to truthfulness, steadfastness & loyalty was aptly decided upon by the client, setting the foundations for a new style of law firm.

A Distinctive Wordmarque

The bespoke Setia wordmarque was crafted to form a distinctive yet elegant marque representing the resilient & intelligent nature of which Setia have become renowned. Refined with a balance of straight terminals to effortless smooth curves, the wordmarque is used proudly across the brand identity.

Distinctive By Nature

To support & complement the wordmarque & for practical usage across small-size requirements, an elegant brand icon depicting a lotus, a sacred flower native to the Asian wilderness, was crafted. This minimalist & modernist marque was abstractly formed & composed from four circles; to define the four specialist areas Setia have become renowned for within the legal landscape.

Trusted Guide

Through decades of experience, Setia have learnt to effectively navigate the complex world of high-stakes commercial disputes & crisis situations with speed & agility.

The use of subtle shadows cast by the Asian wilderness reflects this, whilst the bright abstract imagery of life that thrives within demonstrates how Setia guide their clients with vivid clarity, giving a sense of passion & confidence.

The introduction of a minimal yet bold colour palette consisting of deep greys & a highlight of blue provides a feeling of assuredness, sophistication & reliability.

Brand Tagline

The brand tagline, “Distinctive by Nature”, was created to capture the brands unique positioning, heritage & approach to law. Reflecting their natural ability to navigate complex situations, & to do it in a way that remained true to their core values of respect, resilience & reliability.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Online Experience

It was crucial that the website portrayed the same sense of confidence & effortless sophistication as the brand identity.

The Setia website is courageous, with its bold type & abstract, vibrant imagery inspired by nature. This is balanced with the clean & minimal aesthetic exuding a sleek & timeless quality.


Approachable, natural imagery of the team at Setia gave a sense of humanity & authenticity not typically associated with law firms. Seamless transitions & subtle animations throughout create a smooth & rewarding digital experience.

In Summary

Working alongside the dedicated & highly passionate team at Setia has been a real pleasure. Close communication & collaboration with the team has allowed us to create a brand identity of which both Setia & Fable&Co. can all be incredibly proud of. We look forward to our continued relationship in supporting Setia as the firm continues to grow & expand with a brand identity that represents them & their values.

The Fable team was instrumental to formulating and giving life to our brand story. From the outset, the team displayed tremendous creativity and capacity to translate our ideas and thoughts. At every step of the way, they held our hand as we embarked on the journey towards building the brand, and at no point in time were we in doubt that the end product would be anything but excellent. We very much look forward to continuing to work with Fable&Co. to take our business to greater heights.

– Danny Ong, Managing Director