Launching a New Law Firm Brand

Fable&Co. are fast emerging as the UK’s foremost specialist agency for leading law firms looking for the highest quality, bespoke branding, tailored marketing initiatives & highly effective website design.

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Over the last 10 years Fable&Co. have been fortunate to have been responsible for some of the most prolific law firms launches around the world. Having experienced first-hand a rise in boutique firms breaking away from larger more traditional & established firms. 

Too much red tape, lack of flexibility, client conflicts or corporate politics have often been some of the reasons ambitious partners have felt frustrated in their roles within larger firms. Whilst the financial allure of retaining profits must also be a highly motivating factor to break away too. 

Navigating the bureaucratic nature of larger, more traditional law firm mentality can take its toll on those that believe that there is a better way to operate, with client centricity commonly at the core of these beliefs. It’s this new breed of renegade partners that are increasingly redefining the status quo, setting a new benchmark by designing the law firms of the future.

In a recent survey of 200 law firm partners, it was reported that a whopping 50% are seriously considering setting up their own firms. 

  • 44%

    Said having their own firm would give them greater quality of work.

  • 38%

    Cited an improved work-life balance as a motivating factor for setting up on their own.

  • 40%

    Felt retaining a greater share of the profits for reinvestment would be a serious benefit of running their own firm.

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So, where do Fable&Co. come in?

Our process starts by aligning with our clients through select research phases initially. Our ambition is to give our client’s firms the greatest chance of success through compelling design, branding & digital creativity. 

Typically, a brand workshop is undertaken early on to discover the unique value proposition & align with our client’s objectives for a new or existing law firm. Defining the brand purpose, brand promise & brand value is paramount to ensuring the law firm brands that Fable&Co. work with are strategically positioned to provide maximum clarity, authenticity & differentiation ahead of any identity design work. 

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This strategy work then forms the clear foundation for the brand to build upon. It begins to create a clear framework for brand naming, brand messaging & tone of voice which then leads into guiding the conceptual thinking & visual storytelling aspect of a law firm branding project. 

The design phase is now ready to commence. The visual manifestation of the strategy can now begin to come alive. This takes the form of conceptual design options, combining messaging, colours, typography, imagery & other visual brand assets to visualise key project deliverables for client consideration. This phase is called visual look & feel – it’s within this phase that we capture the right feeling & emotion through personality & tone of the visual brand identity.

Read the Setia case study here.

It’s now that we are ready for close collaboration with our clients. We encourage debate around the options that we have presented. This leads into a final development phase, which takes onboard our clients feedback. Typically we develop, refine & finesse this chosen option through a couple of rounds of development before we are ready for approval.

Read the Tolhurst Fisher case study here.

Once approved we can now set about creating a consistent set of branded deliverables – from corporate stationary suites, printed materials, social media pages & assets, PowerPoint decks & templates, through to engaging video content, brand animation & highly effective bespoke website design.

Read the Kindleworth case study here.

If you are looking to launch a new law firm, or undertaking a rebrand within an already established firm then Fable&Co. might be in a great position to help. With over ten years experience, countless success stories & therefore a formidable reputation & track record in law firm branding, we are on hand to discuss how we can bring your new brand to life or breathe new life & purpose into your existing brand.