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Pietrasanta Bijoux was born out of a vision to revive the statement jewellery worn throughout the golden era of Italian fashion.

Founded in the small town of Pietrasanta; a historic village nestled between the famous white-marbled mountains & the warm Mediterranean Sea of Tuscany.

Pietrasanta invites the customer to engage with an Italian story; one that looks at how the region was the pinnacle of Italian summer elegance – the Golden Era of Italian fashion.

This inspiring location & rich cultural history set the foundations for the development of the new brand identity.

Meticulously Sculpted

Pietrasanta’s jewellery reflects this vibrant history through bold & striking pieces bursting with colour. Their objective: to distil the effortless style of Italian fashion into every single piece of Pietrasanta bijoux.

The Pietrsanata wordmark & visual brand identity was created to embody the beauty & significance of the Alpuan Alps. Here was where Pietrasanta’s symbiotic relationship with marble was formed & famous artistic culture established. This formed the inspiration for Pietrasanta’s clean, stylish & confident visual language.

Where The Sea Meets The Mountains

Playing on Pietrasanta’s renowned creative legacy, a series of ink marbling artworks were produced to illustrate the skill, craftsmanship & creativity of the area, whilst also representing the unique alluring location, overlooked with mountains & just moments from the glistening sea.

Pietrasanta’s bijoux are entirely Made in Italy. Each & every piece is meticulously handcrafted by expert female artisans. They source the highest quality beads from Italian manufacturers, to deliver an enviable range of bold statement jewellery.

Classic & Timeless

Italy was a retreat for the fashion-conscious & international jet setters, adorning itself as a unique cultural melting pot of style, creativity & art.

Born out of a vision to revive the statement pieces worn throughout the Golden Era of Italian fashion, & to breathe the elegance & effortless glamour of this time into each & every custom piece of jewellery. A bold but elegant identity emerged, one that would identify the quality & sophistication of the jewellery, whilst honouring Italy’s rich history of fashion.

Pietrasanta’s bijoux are hand-made, each piece in a limited quantity to ensure that all items are consistently produced to the highest standards. With a strong emphasis sustainability, Pietrasanta brand by aims to reduce their packaging & supply-chain footprint by sourcing all materials & production locally.

Packaging Design

As an e-commerce only business, the design of the packaging needed special consideration. The anticipation & joy of receiving such a uniquely handcrafted gift is encapsulated in the aesthetics of the parcel – it’s design, it’s texture & weight all play a role in delivering an unrivalled & highly memorable experience.

Boxes were kept clean & simple – all white with the ‘marble’ asset also in white but as a spot-UV for subtle detail & to create an interesting, elegant, yet understated texture.

Project Deliverables

Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Stationery Suite
Packaging Design & Sourcing
Website Homepage Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Working with the team at Pietrasanta was a pleasure - their commitment to creating bespoke, handmade jewellery was impressive & inspired our team to create a visual identity that reflected this authentic process; one that is characterful, bold & impactful in nature, whilst ensuring a sense of class & sophistication throughout.

– Issy Hall, Brand Artist, Fable&Co.

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