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Having recently undergone a strategic overhaul with Play Bigger authors Al Ramadan & Kevin Maney, on defining their new category - 'Workforce Housing On-Demand' - Travelers Haven approached Fable&Co. to capture this significant shift in direction & bring the new brand positioning to life.

Travelers Haven had become renowned as one of the leading accommodations provider across the USA – embracing a unique balance of technology & human ingenuity to provide key workers on critical missions with suitable accommodation.

By removing the onerous & tedious work involved in this process, these heroic ‘nomadic specialists’ were able to focus on the important work they were sent to do.

Nurses, doctors, firefighters, engineers, construction workers, deployed, sometimes at short notice, to address skills shortages across the country – tackling natural disasters, delivering key infrastructure projects & helping vulnerable people.

Our challenge was to capture both the technological innovation behind the business – this real-time yet tailored capability – as well as to tap into the emotional drivers of such a dedicated & hardworking audience.

Stay, Your Way

Finding somewhere suitable meant not only sourcing somewhere in the right place, at the right time, it meant diligently & efficiently unearthing great accommodation designed around the needs of the individual.

Understanding the requirements & preferences of their customers was crucial – whether the need was for a large garden for their beloved dog, plenty of space to entertain their kids at the weekend, or a quiet location to allow for much-needed relaxation time.

Our brand tagline, “Stay, Your Way”, perfectly captured this positioning, with Travelers Haven ensuring a convenient & comfortable stay, no matter the request.

This gave us consistent yet highly flexible, scalable & instantly recognisable brand messaging architecture, working effectively across both internal & external audiences.

The Logo & Brand Icon

As significant their investment in technology was, Travelers Haven’s success stemmed from a dynamic, relentless & approachable team, united behind the brand’s mission.

The new brand ‘pictogram’ icon was brought to life through animation, featuring a bird flying gracefully through the air before settling in its new home – it’s safe ‘haven’ – for a period of time.

The Visual Identity

To capture the nomadic nature of our key workers, & the fact they can be deployed to any square metre of the country, we created a simple grid structure depicting the longitude & latitude lines typically found on a map.

Subtle animation brought this asset to life, with individual squares sliding seamlessly along to reveal images of our nomadic specialists, as well as the towns & cities served.

The juxtaposition of imagery demonstrated our key worker focused on the important task at hand, then in their own time outside of work; whether relaxing, socialising, or spending time with family.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
Interface Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
Interior Office Graphics
Video & Animation
Marketing Materials
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

Form & Function

As a business heavily dependent on lead generation, it was paramount that a potential customer could get in touch quickly, whilst providing enough information so to be insightful & valuable.

The user journey was carefully considered – ensuring the new brand positioning was front & centre, but balanced with a contact form early on to encourage online enquiries.

The form was given some love by creating a more conversational, engaging & rewarding experience for users – utilising first name terms, informal questioning & observant comments throughout.

Emotional Connection

The purpose behind Travelers Haven was to truly empower & support key workers to be able to attend & focus on critical missions across the country.

This needed to be captured, along with the value Travelers Haven offers, & a brand video would be a powerful way to communicate this message, & engage emotionally with their audience.

We worked with a local production partner to bring this idea to life – identifying the key stakeholders we wanted to feature, covering commercial aspects of the business, the talented people behind the scenes, as well as the technology integral to their offering.

We curated stock footage of our ‘nomadic specialists’, & integrated with our filmed interviews who spoke passionately about the brand’s mission, to create a beautiful, inspiring & moving film that captured the hearts & minds of our audience.

Valuable Collateral

Whilst key documents & templates were refreshed in-line with the new identity, we also set about creating new materials that would aid the business operationally & enhance the brand experience.

Fable&Co. designed & produced a branded corporate brochure that communicated the new proposition & showcased the new identity, arming the sales team with a digital & physical marketing tool that was succinct yet effective.

A branded, subtly animated PowerPoint template followed, to empower the team to tailor professional proposals for prospective new customers.

Environmental graphics were also created to bring the new identity into the work space – ensuring a sense of consistency & coherence from the onboarding of new recruits, through to existing employees feeling like a part of this significant journey.

Rewarding Experience

Our experience working with the tenacious team at Travelers Haven was incredibly rewarding. We collaborated effectively over the 6-month project – remaining open, candid & challenging one another to end up with a striking visual output that perfectly balanced form & function.

Travelers Haven worked with Fable&Co as we re-established our category. They were there from the beginning as we identified the need to overhaul our brand image and voice. They were creative, connecting deeply to our new purpose and produced very impressive outputs including a logo, tag line, color scheme, brand video, and website. It has transformed Travelers Haven and we have been building on that foundation ever since!

– Lauren Linzer Fadden, Head of Marketing, Travelers Haven

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