Ocean Exploration Branding & Website

Seabed 2030 is a global initiative formed by The Nippon Foundation & GEBCO with an awe-inspiring & vast mission - to deliver a complete map of the ocean floor by 2030.

In 2017, only 6% of the ocean floor had been successfully mapped, but with the collaborative efforts of Seabed 2030’s cohort, this had increased to almost 25% within 5-years.

Steady progress was being made, however, awareness of the scheme was limited to industry & academic circles. To stand any chance of achieving their mission, Seabed 2030 needed to communicate to a much wider audience, including Governments, industry partners, NGO’s, researchers, individuals & philanthropists.

Mapping the entire ocean floor will not only provide incredible data, it will lead to new discoveries, new wonders, new possibilities.

Fable&Co’s challenge was to revolutionise the existing brand identity, messaging & website, to capture the essence of this  epic initiative so it was impossible to ignore – instilling a sense of confidence, credibility & excitement, compelling people to have to take part.

The Positioning

The team at Seabed 2030 were clearly passionate, dedicated & wholeheartedly focused on the task at hand. There were no egos, no fuss – the spotlight was well & truly on the ocean. There was a sense, however, that the significance & importance of the mission was being underplayed  – & with that, the criticalness of having a vast & committed network of partners to help them achieve their mission.

As well as appealing to wider audiences & emphasising the ‘why’ behind the mission, communicating Seabed 2030’s role as a facilitator, & their highly-collaborative model would be crucial.

The Wordmarque

The new logo was modernised & carefully crafted to confidently & simply convey the Seabed 2030 mission. The repeating lines at varying thickness was inspired by an underwater sonar, illustrating the new depths of discovery & data captured.

The Identity

Fable&Co. created a grid asset that featured different bluey hues inspired by the ocean & the ocean floor. The shifting, moving nature of the asset looked to capture the scanning of the ocean floor, as well as the ever-changing underwater landscape.

It would utilise scientific-focused imagery, as well as showcasing the core team behind the mission – ensuring there was a sense of humanity & building an emotional connection to the Seabed 2030 mission.

Bold typography would powerfully & succinctly communicate key statements, drawing the viewer in & creating a feeling of urgency & anticipation.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Brand Guidelines
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Messaging

Fable&Co. crafted a brand tagline that looked to succinctly capture the crux of the Seabed 2030 mission & its invaluable partners – ‘United We Discover’ was born.

The  proposition statement injected a sense of passion & urgency, whilst articulating their mission with clarity & conviction.

The Online Experience

Fable&Co. designed & developed a comprehensive & scalable website for Seabed 2030. The site would be integral to communicating their mission, demonstrating credibility & progress, as well as encouraging their varying audiences to take action.

The website would allow for a quick & easy way to book meetings, & bespoke, branded forms for a seamless & consistent application process.

Fable&Co.'s exceptional work in rebranding Seabed 2030 has redefined our brand identity. Their quick response, professional approach, and creative prowess exceeded our expectations. A truly capable team that turns ideas into compelling digital realities. Highly recommended!

– Kira Coley, Head of Communications and Decade Initiatives

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