Branding & Website for FinTech

Navro, formerly Paytrix, is a rising star in the FinTech realm. Having already closed one of the largest pre-seed investment rounds in the industry, & elevated by an impressive 12-months since launch, there was a need & desire to conduct a highly-effective strategic rebrand to reflect their growing reputation & 'moonshot' ambitions.

Traditionally, companies with international ambitions have had to knit together  a patchwork of providers to move money around the world,- an expensive, time-consuming & inefficient process.

Recognising the critical need for a more seamless, efficient & dynamic solution, Navro – having secured EMI Licenses from both the Central Bank of Ireland and the Financial Conduct Authority & backed by a total of $38 million in funding – have positioned themselves as the beacon of change in the industry.

Navro enables businesses to expand into new markets quickly and painlessly by giving them the ability to make payouts in 170+ countries and 130+ currencies, and receive funds into genuinely local accounts – all through one contract and one API.

This empowers businesses such as marketplaces, on-demand platforms, pensions, payroll, & e-commerce businesses worldwide, who thanks to the Navro platform, can minimise FX fees, speed up payment settlement times, and optimise processes.

Captivating Brand Narrative

Teaming up with a renowned London-based visual artist & music producer, Fable&Co. wove a captivating brand narrative. Striking, smooth metallic forms converged, diverged, juxtaposed, & overlapped, creating a mesmerising, dynamic 3D pattern rooted in mathematical perfection.

The synthesis of materials, light, & sound culminated in a simple yet powerful brand asset, creatively & effectively communicating Navro’s core proposition: “Smoothly navigate your growth into foreign markets with maximum coverage and minimal hassle,” also encapsulated in the brand tagline “Make Money Move.”


Dynamic & Connected Logo

To complement the captivating brand asset, Fable&Co. crafted a striking, technical & dynamic logo – further emulating the brands core proposition, with the forms seamlessly & effortlessly connecting into one another.


The Brand Identity

The sleek, refined, dark brand identity exudes a sense of quality & sophistication – a striking counterpoint to the modern, tech-focused brand character.

The infusion of bright pink & purple gradients against the lit black aesthetic ushers in a revolutionary brand personality, giving a sense of confidence & intent, setting Navro apart in this increasingly competitive & rapidly emerging industry.

As Navro takes its place on the global stage, it heralds not just a rebrand, but spearheads a financial revolution where businesses big & small, in any corner of the world, are able to transact effortlessly & securely.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workshop
Research & Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Video & Animation
Copy Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Page Design
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

The Online Experience

Navro’s new website needed to convey a sense of boldness, dynamism & innovation, whilst balanced with a robustness to ensure a feeling of trust, credibility & experience. Our dynamic brand asset not only reflects the smooth, efficient payments, but captures the essence of a vibrant, ambitious company. The people behind Navro are vital to the success of the business, & so the authentic photography of the team, captured by renowned London-based photographer Vicki Couchman, gives a sense of humanity & approachability. The overall use of bold typography, clean space & subtle transitions, culminate in offering a rewarding user experience.

In Summary

The team at Navro provided an inspiring platform from which to build. Their incredible drive, energy & vision was galvanising, as was the success they’d already achieved in such a short space of time. We feel this has been translated very effectively with the brand identity & website that’s been created – introducing & bringing together unique brand elements that work harmoniously to deliver a compelling & memorable proposition. Ultimately, navigating the transition from Paytrix to Navro went smoothly & successfully, & we’re excited to continue our journey together.

Since the first meeting we were blown away by the quality of ideas at Fable&Co. We were at a transformational phase for our business across new product launches and geographic expansion, and Fable were fantastic in their collaborative approach. Some of the ideas we incorporated into the brand I didn't think were possible - but we trusted the process and the team, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. In a market as busy as FinTech, it can be hard to do something truly unique, but Fable achieved that with our new brand and website.

– Eddie Harrision, Co-Founder & CPO, Navro