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"We love your work...we need a new website...can you help us?"

This is a common question that we get asked on a frequent basis, & the answer is yes, we can help, but we suspect it’s far more than just a shiny new website that these clients are looking for.

That’s when we open up the conversation to focus on their brand, the existing identity & language, the brand audiences, the future ambitions of the business - & the role of the new website in supporting those ambitions.

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Purely designing a new website utilising existing visual brand elements, such as supplied logos, legacy messaging, existing colours, assets, icons & imagery, is all good & well, if indeed they are still relevant.

However, to speak candidly & in our experience – this approach, at best, is going to provide clients with a new site that looks marginally better than what existed before & fails to stand the test of time.

Typically, the existing visual brand assets that we would require to design a new website in this way don’t even exist or can’t be found – or at best, are in desperate need of modernisation. It’s at this point a conversation around a potential ‘visual brand refresh’ begins to creep in, but before we can do this, it’s paramount that we take one step back to make sure we are developing or refreshing a brand set on strong strategic foundations.

One that delivers on its primary purpose, resonates & engages with its unique audiences & can assist the business & its clients effectively. The conversation soon shifts from a,  ‘just a new website design’, to doing thoughtful, meaningful work around the brand prior to even considering any design application. 

After all, if a client feels like their current website is dated, tired & no longer effectively represents them, then addressing this needs to be done strategically & comprehensively, with our eyes (& ears) firmly open.

From understanding the business objectives, varied audience personas, proposed user journeys, product & service architecture, & any new functionality or website integrations that can help streamline business efficiencies. 


At Fable&Co, our approach has been & always will be, to fully immerse ourselves within each & every brand that we work with. By understanding their ambitions we can align to deliver on these expectations.

So, when we receive a brief that asks us for a new website design, don’t be surprised if we open up the conversation & delve a little deeper into the brand first.

It’s very likely that what is actually required is a strategic brand & identity refresh, or perhaps subtle brand evolution – either way, it’s critical to take a step back before we move ahead with the design of a meaningful & effective new website.

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“Fable&Co. were able to effortlessly articulate what we have set out to achieve into a truly exceptional & stunning brand identity, website & materials, adding immeasurable value to the overall project. The process was not only effortless, but enormous fun & the commitment of the whole team was unsurpassed.”

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