Logo Design & Branding for Website Auditing Company, Interior Office Signage


Corporate Branding & Website

Fable&Co. were assigned with a compelling challenge – create a sleek, sophisticated & premium identity for a dynamic & contemporary website auditing business.

Goldcrest develop comprehensive reports, assisting their clients in every aspect of online search marketing.

Goldcrest are adept at de-cluttering & simplifying often complex & technical aspects of digital analytics to ensure their clients websites are achieving the greatest possible results.

Corporate Branding, Complete Stationery Suite Design With Bronze Foiled Business Cards
    Project Deliverables
  • Brand Workshop
  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Stationery Suite
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print Management
  • Project Management
Goldcrest Corporate Branding Business Card Design with Gilded Bronze Foiling
Goldcrest corporate branding - Business card Design
Goldcrest Branding - Corporate Stationery Design
Goldcrest Branding - Responsive Tablet Website & User Experience Design
Goldcrest branding & responsive website user experience design

After a thorough research & strategy phase Fable&Co. set about crafting the new corporate identity in-line with the approved brand positioning.

The lines used within our modern, abstract crest is inspired by a line chart. The line is moving in a positive upward direction to demonstrate the positive outcomes of using GoldCrest’s website & online auditing services. The identity is clean, simple, sophisticated & memorable. The typography has been selected & customised to look both friendly & approachable, whilst maintaining a sense of corporate professionalism.

Corporate Branding & Logo Design, Goldcrest Website Auditing
Goldcrest Branding - Logo Design Application Branded Golf Ball
Goldcrest Branding Corporate Website Design
Goldcrest Branding & Responsive website user experience design
Goldcrest Corporate Branding Business Card Design
Goldcrest Corporate Responsive Tablet Website Design

Crests originated from a need to differentiate & identify families & clans, at a time when few people could read. Today crests are used by many of the world’s most successful brands such as football clubs, Universities & global financial institutions. Crests demonstrate an air of superiority, quality, safety, authenticity & distinction.

Ross Davison

Managing / Creative Director, Fable&Co.