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Finally getting around to launching your very own business? Are you on the hunt to get the very best of the best branding experts by your side to help fuel the amplification & acceleration of your brand that it deserves?

Perhaps your business is already well established, but in critical need of modernisation, or your brand has become disorientated over time & needs to refocus & realign on its ambitions & objectives.

Once again, you may be on the quest to discover the very best branding agency, brimming with the smartest strategic clairvoyants, branding exemplars & design hypnotists on the market.

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Well, here’s the thing. The fact remains that there is not & never will be a one-size-fits-all ‘best branding agency’. No silver bullet as such – we are all built differently, with different abilities, experience, knowledge, specialisms, processes, personalities, & fees. 

It’s widely reported that the British Petroleum’s (BP) green & yellow Helios flower logo cost in the region of a whopping $210 million to create back in 2008 – making this simple geometric brand mark the most expensive logo in history. This new brand direction & corporate redesign, created by Landor, was to signify the company’s desire to showcase their transformation towards a more environmentally conscious future for the brand.

These reports are often highly misleading however, & we suspect that this extravagant budget reported, if indeed even remotely accurate, would cover far more than just the design of a somewhat generic flower icon. we imagine such a colossal figure could only be reached if it included a fully comprehensive & all encompassing project scope, including brand strategy, brand identity, brand application & brand roll out, & possibly even digital transformation too. Just imagine the cost of updating the brand identity across all those forecourts, vehicles, uniforms & other countless other branded materials too!

The likes of Pentagram, Landor, Wolff Olins & Design Studio immediately spring to mind in the conversation of ‘Tier 1’ branding agencies, & whilst we admire & respect much of what these agencies have achieved – Fable&Co. certainly never feel threatened & welcome playing the role of David when faced with a match up against Goliath. We often compete at the very highest levels, against some of the industries most formidable opponents & have emerged triumphant. Is this perhaps a twist of fate or good fortune? We think neither.

As an example, the BBC supposedly spending £7 million on a brand update with Wolff Olins in 2022.

Fable&Co’s Creative Director, Ross Davison, has personally been involved in multiple branding & design projects for the BBC throughout his career, & advises confidently that none of these projects ever came close to surpassing six figure project fee’s, let alone multiples of millions.

A big part of Fable&Co’s success is fundamentally down to knowing when a brief is not right for us to entertain. We’ve learnt to know where we fit, where we are relevant & where we can provide the most significant of value to clients – rather than waste our time chasing rainbows. As the not so ancient proverb says ‘A battle can be won before it’s fought by choosing the right ground’.



Here at Fable&Co. we have honed our skills as a team over the last decade, consciously narrowing our focus to working alongside ambitious businesses & entrepreneurs on branding projects within the following four B2B industry sectors;

Professional Services

Fable&Co. have worked with & continue to work alongside a vast range of professional services businesses, throughout London, the UK & the rest of the world. Specifically firms in the Financial Services, Consulting, Human Resources & IT sectors, along with a range of like-minded Marketing & Advertising agencies too. Our professionalism, quality of our service & creativity of our work has seen potent partnerships forged with over 30 professional services firms, & subsequently contributing to many industry defining accomplishments.

Legal Services

Fable&Co. are quickly carving out a formidable reputation for crafting superior brands, & brand identities, for some of the worlds most effective law practices, firms & consultancies. From ambitious startups, through to highly-established firms -we operate & support at the very highest levels of excellence across law firm brand strategy, brand identity & website design.




Fable&Co. are privileged to continue working alongside some of the worlds leading tech brands. Specifically developing brands, identities, campaigns & websites for progressive SaaS providers, systems integrators, data consultancies & technical instrument providers & manufacturers too. Tech branding has always been an area of specialisation since our inception almost a decade ago, & we have a significant amount of accolades & recognition to demonstrate our command of this highly innovative & fast-paced sector.

Renewable Energy & Climate Technology

The last couple of years in particular has seen Fable&Co. rapidly increase its exposure & expertise within the Renewable Energy & Climate Technology sector. Crucially reimagining more sustainable practices & technologies, as we transition towards a more conscious & cleaner future. Fable&Co. have gained momentum through first-hand experience successfully launching & rebranding some key players at the forefront of world changing innovation within this exciting space. 

The primary reason behind our laser-like focus on these specific industries is our ability to hone our processes & efficiencies – as well as our own thirst for knowledge & interest in these industries. Fable&Co. has become accustomed & native to the ways of highly professional corporate branding, corporate identity creation & the delivery of these projects. This is where we belong & we are proud of our increasing reputation, accomplishments & experience in delivering outstanding results on a consistent basis for those clients that place their trust in us. 

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  • 8

    Years of continued growth & success.

  • 7

    Dedicated professionals.

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    Convenient studio locations.

  • 56

    Effective rebrands to our name.

  • 40

    Custom websites designed, built & deployed.

  • 20

    Ambitious startup brands launched.

Fable&Co. make sure to always conduct a thorough amount of research, resulting in a clear strategic brand framework & critical brand messaging to emerge, helping to sharply differentiate the brands we work with, enabling positive outcomes built on strong foundations. This is crucial before any visual branding & design concepts can ever begin to take shape.

If you are on the hunt for the very best branding agency in London,  the UK or perhaps somewhere more far-flung, then maybe Fable&Co. is right for you. But then again, perhaps it isn’t.

Despite being confident of our abilities, we understand & appreciate that clients needs are all completely unique. Therefore anyone looking to commission a branding agency must follow their own set criteria, considering what’s important to them, ensuring they are talking with & selecting the right branding agency for them.

Such criteria could include: 



01. Unique Skills as a Team

Different branding agencies offer a range skills & services. At Fable&Co. we intentionally offer a tailored yet comprehensive approach to our clients needs.

We believe holism to be crucial to forming truly effective brands. Beginning with brand strategy, brand messaging / tone of voice, & brand identity creation, before undertaking brand guidelines, brand experience design & ongoing brand management, all the way through to branded website design & development, along with brand video & motion graphics creation too.


& Approach

02. Process & Approach

Fable&Co’s modus operandi utilises the basis of a tried & tested procedure for each & every project, although personalised & tailored to suit the variety of branding challenges that we undertake.

Our process & methodology thrives on close collaboration between us & our clients. This influences, shapes & determines the correct final project outcome, ensuring dynamic results.



03. Track Record & Relevant Experience

Taking great pride in everything that we achieve on behalf of our clients, we are tremendously proud of our rapidly expanding portfolio of work.

Fable&Co. have built & continue to build a formidable reputation as a specialist boutique branding agency. Our work is highly strategic, expertly crafted & seamlessly delivered, seeing us receiving accolades & notoriety from some of the industry’s most revered critics.



04. Industry Specialisms

We are not typecast to any one industry, but instead we offer a comprehensive knowledge, throughout the world of corporate branding. More specifically we operate, but are not limited to, the core categories of Professional Services, Legal, Technology, Renewable Energy & Climate Technology.

Deeply understanding these specific industry sectors provides us with a unique advantage & a head start, although coupled with our thorough research & strategic process, ensures that our work repels conformity & genericism.


& Personality

05. The Agencies Culture & Personalities

It’s crucial to find a branding agency that you feel you have a good repport with, built on shared values, mutual respect & an aligned vision.

Agency culture is of paramount importance. Therefore at Fable&Co. you will benefit from our team of creatively accomplished, logically gifted, genuine folk, who are all obsessive in their quest for perfection.


& Structure

06. Size & Structure

If a huge global rebrand & extensive brand rollout is on the cards then this may need significantly more firepower than a small independent, boutique agency can offer. At Fable&Co. we offer senior level business experience, truly strategic & conceptual thought process, powerful commercial understanding, along with a pedigree of exceptional creativity & design.

We certainly do punch above our weight creatively, but we are also realistic, open & transparent when it comes to our size, & will ensure that we are more than adequately equipped for the challenge at hand. 


& Timeframe

07. Availability & Timeframes

You might have found the perfect branding agency for you & your business, but perhaps your preferred agency are not available to start for a couple of months & that’s when you were hoping to launch the brand or rebrand.

Agencies generally work across multiple projects at any one time, but can get busy & need to plan their work schedules. At Fable&Co. we typically advise 2-3 months for a branding project, but this is just to provide a very top-level indication of timeframes, based on previous experience.



08. Project Fees

It can be common for project fee’s to vary considerably, depending on which agencies you might have approached for a proposal. Each agency will have their own way of costing a project. Their hourly rates can vary dependent on their teams experience, their structure & who is involved at each stage of the project.

In London, rates typically range from around £75-£150 per hour for junior staff, to £200-£500 per hour for senior staff. It’s likely you will be presented with a fixed project fee based on the estimated time & resources that the branding agency needs to dedicate in order to complete the project efficiently & effectively.

Once you’ve considered your criteria, we would love to hear from you to discuss if we might be the right agency to help launch or transform your brand. 

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