Kitchen & Interiors Branding & Website Design

The Workshop are purveyors of handcrafted, unique, high-quality kitchens & interiors.

With the business at the forefront of innovation & with a strong emphasis on products & material research, The Workshop are truly authentic by nature. They offer an abundance of experience, ingenuity & passion in everything they achieve on behalf of their clients.

Fable&Co. were delighted to be approached with the ambition of creating a truly iconic brand identity, which will support the business in developing a strong local reputation.

Crafted With Precision & Authentically Designed

The new logo consists of custom stencil letterforms, crafted with precision & authentically designed – reinforcing the highly-skilled craftsmanship & superior quality The Workshop has to offer.

The nature of the stacked logo builds upon the notion of the process The Workshop undertake; designing, constructing & assembling bespoke kitchens & interiors.

The simple brand marque is designed to evoke a sense of strength, stability & balance – reflecting The Workshop’s bespoke craftsmanship & high-quality execution, whilst the stencil cut forms give a customisable & precise impression.

Meticulous By Nature

With a core value of being meticulous by nature & with a strong emphasis on product & material exploration – the new identity included the creation of assets with strong significance.

Each asset represents a different joinery technique with characteristics such as strength, flexibility & durability – all deriving from the properties of the materials involved.

The unity of these two elements also represents the connection between themselves & their client.

The vibrant orange used throughout the brand identity injects energy & enthusiasm, popping against the sophistication of the dark grey.

Beautifully Showcased

Beautifully shot photography showcasing completed projects, depict the exquisite quality of materials & the highly-skilled craftsmanship delivered & achieved.

These are proudly & confidently showcased throughout marketing materials & used boldly throughout the website, allowing the team’s immense experience, passion & knowledge to come to life & be recognised.


Project Deliverables

Working with the founder of The Workshop was inspiring - the attention to detail & genuine passion for his craft was astounding. The new identity looks to capture this cutting edge approach, as well as the absolute dedication in delivering only the best for each individual client.

– Issy Hall, Brand Artist, Fable&Co.

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