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Fable&Co. welcomed a unique brand challenge – how do we launch a new estate agency that differentiates itself positively from the countless other, somewhat predictable, repetitive & uninspiring brands?

Working collaboratively with the team from Budgen&Co, we set out to define the unique proposition offered by these accomplished property professionals. Their ambition? To lead the way in Brighton & Hove’s property market, via a refreshingly straight-talking approach, committed to helping their customers realise their full potential within the local area.

A straight-talking voice of reason amidst a complex market, Budgen&Co’s personality is both approachable yet sophisticated. Their unique brand proposition, proudly positioned at the forefront of their identity – exuding confidence & connecting on an emotional level with their audience, identifying a clear ‘client-centric’ point of difference in both their professional values & their unique approach.

Adventurous By Nature

The logo encapsulates the confident, ambitious attitude that Budgen&Co.
pride themselves on.

Clean, sans-serif typography & bold use of punctuation make for a logo that cuts straight to the point. This balance of sophistication & assertiveness is a defining characteristic of the brand identity.

A Uniquely Differentiated Brand Persona

The creation of the brand identity uses
a carefully considered balance of shapes
& forms taken from the primary brand ampersand.

This is an abstract portrayal of the level of detail & insight that the team at Budgen&Co. unearth to accurately value their clients properties.

This makes for a highly flexible & adaptable identity, which aids recognition & brand equity within a highly competitive landscape. The unique combination of dark blue & soft peach enables even greater standout & a uniquely differentiated brand persona.

Project Deliverables

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Messaging & Copywriting
Interior Office Graphics
Marketing Materials
Responsive Website Design
Project Management

The Path To Discovery

Imperative to Budgen&Co. standing out within the property market was a strong presence in the digital landscape.

We used animation to inject energy across digital touchpoints & powerful lifestyle imagery to create a cohesive identity that really struck a chord with the audience.

Working with Ben & his team has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They have a genuine passion for their industry & continue to prove themselves as aspirational individuals, who work with us to push the boundaries & think differently every step of the way.

– Jemma Kendall, Brand Artist, Fable&Co.

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