Premium Food Branding & Packaging Design

Conceptualising the weird & wonderful world of Eden & Bridge’s premium pie range took us on a journey of distorted imagination.

The brief bestowed upon us – to produce a brand identity & apply this to a range of packaging that could capitulate highly effective results within the mainstream UK food retailers.

Our quest led us to explore a brand identity with personality & charisma to inspire, intrigue & excite consumers. This brief followed on from the success of the Eden & Bridge – Luxury Range of Pies. However, our challenge now was to rethink the brand positioning by developing a new range of packaging, targeting a far wider consumer audience.

The Inspiration

The brand identity was inspired by the Victorian legacy, popularity & heritage of baking.

Random vintage illustrations were used to add a memorable obscurity to the brand, from distinguished gents carrying obscenely large mushrooms, to half human, half zebras with sea creatures nonchalantly in tow.

The Brand Identity

The on-pack messaging complements the oddity themed visual brand identity.

From ‘Marvellous’ & ‘Spectacular’ as variant descriptors, through to the references of ‘monocles, ‘jolly hockey sticks’ & ‘poppycock’ to reinforce the peculiar eccentricity of the brand. Bold, vibrant colours were used to easily identify between product variants & highlighted with an impressive spot UV varnish throughout the packaging.

Intrigue & Discovery

It was important that the structural design of the carton complemented the visual brand aesthetic.

The idea of intrigue & discovery inspired us to propose a book flap on the front of the carton, once opened, revealing the delicious pastry beneath the transparent printed window film.

On the opposite side of the open flap, a succinct brand proposition could be read to reinforce the unique narrative.

In The Details

We wanted the print production techniques to demonstrate a high quality, premium proposition, to accentuate the bold visual brand identity.

The skillet cartons were printed two colours lithographically, using low migration inks, on to a high quality 405 micron Incada Silk board, before a matte laminate was applied to the printed sheet.

A spot gloss UV varnish was then screen printed to the coloured areas of the design. The digitally printed window artwork aligned seamlessly with the carton design & these were applied using a ‘pick & place’ windowing process. The cartons were then glued ready for product packing.


The packaging was completed in time for its debut at the Packaging Innovations Show 2017, in Birmingham.

The premium Eden & Bridge range of packaging is a true demonstration of how strategic branding, inspiring design & quality packaging can work together to provide a brand with a transcendent advantage within a crowded & highly competitive category.

Collaborating with Fable&Co. on this weird & wonderful brand identity that translated beautifully across a premium range of pie packaging design was a lot of fun, we’ve had some marvellous reactions to this spectacular range of quality pies.

– Claire Summersby, Marketing Manager, Alexir Packaging

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