North Las Vegas Highway

Sin City

Fable's First Impression Of Vegas

Recently Fable&Co. were approached with the opportunity to visit one of our clients in Southern California. Without hesitation, the dates were arranged & the flights booked.

We were soon touching down at LAX, before driving down to San Diego to further understand our client’s branding & marketing challenges. With the important work related stuff complete, I headed off in my search of adventure. With 4 days left in the USA, armed with my British accent, a litre of ice cold root beer and a full tank of fuel I was bound for Vegas.

American Muscle Car
Nevada Desert Landscape

The unforgiving, harsh desert landscape provided a perfect backdrop to this spontaneous solo mission. Having never been to Las Vegas before, I was filled with a combination of anticipation, expectation, and tremendous excitement.

Las Vegas City Lights
Las Vegas Strip

On arrival I was met by the dusk turning to darkness. The iconic lights of Vegas shined bright & lit up the sky with seedy Americana. The main strip offered itself as a wonderland of dated casinos, meticulously connected through intricate tunnels & pathways.

My only sanctuary from the relentless 24hr desert heat outside came in the form of a refreshing gin & tonic, along with a blast of air conditioning provided by the many casinos.

A few G&T’s later, my confidence on the roulette table grew. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of moderate wins before calling it a night, albeit a late one.