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Consistent Branding

3 Rules To Ensuring A Consistent Identity

At Fable&Co. we are extremely passionate about the work that we produce for our clients. Each & every project has been meticulously crafted to reflect & enhance the relevant business values, as well as to engage with the appropriate target audience, resulting in effective outcomes.

We can often be heard rambling on about the importance of consistency & continuity in branding to reinforce the recognition & authority of the identity. Many brands struggle with applying their identity consistently, especially over a long period of time. This can lead to, what was once a strong identity being diluted, resulting in a disconcerting corporate message. We have provided 3 simple rules to ensuring a consistent identity.

1. Practicality

The first and most crucial step is to completely understand each client’s specific requirements. What is their vision for this project? We need to make sure that we ascertain the full scope, in the form of a detailed brief – this is a fundamental necessity. Understanding up-front the exact list of deliverables the visual identity is required to be applied to.

Corporate Travel Re-Brand - Corporate Style Guide
Corporate Travel Branding Logo Design

2. Holistic design

The second step is to adopt an holistic approach, integrating the identity across both print & digital elements is key in order to maintain the consistency of the design. Crafting a visual identity & focussing on all these elements at the same time is vital to ensure continuity between branded print & digital channels.

3. Logic

Logic plays a distinct role when branding across different touch points, especially when crafting brands that will remain consistent over time. It’s about having a set of core brand elements to call upon, setting parameters & articulating in easy to follow brand style-guide. These guidelines should offer rules, whilst not straight jacketing the individuals tasked with creating new brand applications.

In Conclusion…

It is critical to help clients appreciate that consistency builds recognition & recognition directs growth.

Corporate Travel Branding - Style Guide