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Fable&Co. were set an exciting challenge by The Edit; to strategically rebrand this ambitious & progressive business & help establish them as a true leader within their industry.

The Edit is Brighton’s full service, post-production facility, delivering high-quality TV programmes, films & feature documentaries to all major broadcasters.

Enviably located in the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove, & just a short walk from the iconic sea front, they provide a composed, highly-productive space that is devoid of distraction, enabling clients to focus on producing award-winning work.

This discovery was to set the foundations for the development of the new brand identity for The Edit.

The Editing Process

The new logo consists of ‘The Edit’ as one word, with a different coloured cursor sat proudly to the right.

This animated logo reinforces the editing process, with the individual letters typing on & ending with a cursor flash to signify a sense of readiness & anticipation for the next project.

Composure & Clarity

As part of this, we looked to create a suite of highly-versatile graphic devices, comprising of clean, bold line assets designed to give subtle references to certain stages or elements of the post-production process.

These assets offered great flexibility & were utilised effectively across various stationery, including business cards that were digitally printed to provide employees with a diverse selection of interesting cards.

A soft & stylish colour palette is used throughout the brand identity to emphasise the sense of composure & clarity The Edit offers its clients.

Capturing The Details

The photography style reflects the identity, seeing plenty of clean, light space, whilst capturing the intimate detail of the various equipment & state-of-the-art facilities.

The team’s personality shone through, reflecting the informal yet professional culture at The Edit, capturing natural movements, off-guard moments & people getting on with the job at hand.

Managing The Brand

We created an extensive brand style guide to communicate the various aspects of the new brand identity – proposition, value statements, logo, colour palette, graphic assets, tone of voice, imagery & iconography.

This was to encourage consistency across online & offline applications, whilst also educating employees on the brand story.

The Online Identity & Experience

It was important for The Edit’s website to feature high-calibre projects early on in the user journey to demonstrate instant credibility & assurance, as well as to articulate the different expertise & services on offer.

Easily accessible contact information meant prospective clients could quickly understand the proposition & get in touch to book space at the facility.

To achieve consistency & adhere to the visual identity, a modular grid system was introduced to help produce a clean, structured layout for both digital & print applications.

Project Deliverables

Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Stationery Suite
Merchandise Design
Interior Office Graphics
Responsive Website Design & Development
Marketing Materials
Brand Guidelines
Creative Consultancy & Project Management

As is often the case with a successful service-focused business; they are often too busy putting clients first that they forget to take care of themselves. The Edit were producing great work but were looking to refresh their current brand identity to better reflect the high-quality work, impressive client list & warm personality of the business. Not only were they enviably located, we discovered the space was extremely productive – a place of calm & composure, enabling clients to focus on what matters most; creating incredible work.

– Jack Archer, Account Director, Fable&Co.

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