Agency Branding & Website Design

Crafting your own identity as a branding agency can pose a mammoth challenge.

The naming process for Fable&Co. focussed on how we capitalise on design to simplify often complex business propositions.

The book Aesop’s Fables was a fond favourite growing up. We like its ability to teach children important morals through characterisation, thoughtful design & conceptual creative writing, resulting in a memorable, inspiring & engaging assimilation of integrity.

In a commercial sense, we refer to morals as values & the fable animal characters merely as an analogy, which we use to communicate important aspects of business.

Creativity, Experience, & Authenticity

We felt that the name Fable&Co. communicated the right amount of creativity, experience, authenticity, & professionalism.

The Co. refers to our collective as a team, the alignment of our individual talents & our consultative collaboration with all of our clients.

Meticulously Crafted

Both our logo & monogram were meticulously crafted to reflect our distinguished talents in custom design.

Our corporate fonts were carefully considered & chosen to ensure they complemented the overall look & feel of our identity, along with our stylish & sophisticated colour palette & inspiring brand imagery.

Project Deliverables

Brand Workskop
Research & Brand Strategy
Naming & Tagline Creation
Logo Design
Corporate Identity Design
Messaging & Copywriting
Stationery Suite
Business Presentation
Corporate Signage Design
Social Media Pages
Responsive Website Design
Responsive Website Development
Print Management
Project Management

Working on the creation of our own identity has been an illuminating experience. This project really shouldn’t have been any different from any others that we have worked on, however it was. The challenge for us, as a completely new company was to visualise & articulate exactly who we were, & how we envisage the agency developing in the coming years. Projecting our brand effectively online played a crucial component in distinguishing ourselves from our contenders.

– Ross Davison, Creative Director, Fable&Co.