CBD Brands To Look Out For

The ever-changing CBD landscape continues to evolve & grow at a rapid pace. It's still a young, untapped industry that provides great opportunity for the right brand.

With this in mind, we've dug deep & put together a shortlist of interesting brands to keep an eye out for.

Facts & Figures

  • 6m

    Approximately 6 million adults have tried or used CBD in the UK.

  • 300k

    The number of people regularly using CBD oil in the UK alone is estimated to stand at around 300,000.

  • 1.3m

    The CMC research estimates that 1.3 million consumers are spending over £300m per year on CBD products.

  • 1bn

    The CBD market in the UK will be worth an estimated £1bn by 2025.

  • 13%

    Usage was higher on average among females (13%) than males (9%).

  • .2%

    Only CBD oils that are made from hemp (with less than 0.2% THC) are legal in the UK.


“Juna is a hemp collection crafted in California to optimize pleasure — physically, spiritually, & gastronomically. Inspired by the art & science of fine winemaking, we source single-origin flowers from boutique farms & meticulously extract their full spectrum of beneficial actives & flavours.”

Source: juna-world.com

Recess - A Sparkling Water Infused With Hemp Extract

“We all have too many tabs open in our browsers & in our brains. That’s why we made Recess: each can is a moment to reset & rebalance. It’s how you wish that 2pm coffee would make you feel.”


Source: takearecess.com


“I Have No Chill, So I Drank Recess CBD Seltzer Every Day for a Week. I drank it at work. I drank it with vodka. I drank it while stuck on a broken-down bus.”

Modern Nature

“At MoNa, we’re combining the healing properties of hemp with other clinically proven plant based medicines (e.g. Curcumin, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, etc.). Our mission is to usher in a new era of sustainable health, merging the proven healing properties of nature, with modern science, free of addictive chemicals & harsh side effects.”

source: modernnature.com

Seven Point

“We are a Illinois approved medical cannabis Chicago dispensary with a store front based in Oak Park. We serve the greater Chicago area, & the western suburbs, providing medical cannabis to qualified individuals under the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.”

Source: sevenpointoakpark.com


CBD Of London

“Empowering The World With The Finest CBD. CBD of London create ground-breaking formulations blending the latest science innovations with naturally inspired ingredients, delivering pioneering products which visibly restore & enhance the appearance of skin, offering truly unrivalled results.”

Source: cbdoflondon.co.uk



Herb Essntls

“Herb Essentials brings you high performing skincare products that utilise the unique beneficial properties of Cannabis. All products are engineered around oils derived from this plant & fortified with organic ingredients to maximize the effect of the specific product & its purpose.”

source: herbessntls.com


“LEVEL is a cannabinoid company that facilitates custom cannabis experiences for our patients & consumers. Developed & manufactured in San Francisco, LEVEL’s products are founded in unique & rare cannabinoids. This approach allows individuals to discover the untapped potential of cannabis.”

Source: levelblend.com


“We believe that fuelling the body & mind with simple, plant-based, natural ingredients creates an organic restoration & return to homeostasis; know better, do better, feel better.”

Source: mowellens.com

Sunday Goods

“We produce medicinal-grade cannabis to help people feel good. Whether it is relief from pain, a pathway to creativity, or simply an elevated state of being, everyone stands to benefit from the liberating power of this plant.”

Source: sundaygoods.com