Our Instagram 'Likes' Of The Week: 22.11.19

Gris — Mineral Paints

Gris Mineral Paints are a conceptual brand inspired by a minimalist approach & deeply influenced by art, architecture & design.

The name ‘Gris’ comes from the French word ‘Grey’ which aptly reflects the exclusive range of monochrome paints. We were drawn to the abrupt minimal aesthetic of each product that extends seamlessly into the brand identity itself. A classic but modern typeface is used to give each shade of grey an individual number, set against a tactile label.

Gris’ concept of crafting three collections that have been created with such passion & purpose in order to evoke a specific mood & feeling really caught our attention. The Inky series is just that. A rich collection of deep & smokey greys designed to awaken the senses & evoke a Japanese mood.


Source IG: @grismineralpaints

Tuffler — Coffee Roasters

Tuffler caught our eye with it’s bright & playful rebrand. A simple but effective brand identity reflects the inexpensive, simple but honest coffee brand. It’s geometric assets create an effective identity system to house information simply & consistently. We love the minimal colour palette that pops from the white packaging & highlights all the key information, whilst the stamp asset evokes a sense of brand authenticity & quality assurance.


Source: IG @branding.mob

Copogra — Construction Company

Copogra are a construction company with a stunningly simple but highly effective brand identity. The bold geometric forms, striking colour palette & effortless identity system creates an identifiable graphic code used to differentiates between residential & industrial.


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

Vinilo — Argentine Wine

The re-brand for Vinilo Wines consist of a stark contrast between minimalism & the power of abstract art.

The label evokes an emotional connection similar to an abstract painting. Composed from rich earthy tones, hints of gold & organic textures, this piece of art perhaps tells a story. Bound within the confinements of a perfect circle (a universal symbol for perfection & timelessness) is this telling to the nature of the wine itself?


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

Metode — Pharmaceutical Packaging

The bold simplicity & strict grid system used throughout Metode’s new brand & packaging identity really grabbed our attention. With the brand growing to include over a hundred products, we feel the clear & flexible two-stripe design system is genius; its simplicity & pop of colours will stand out on any overflowing supermarket shelf. We love the subtle design cues to modernist pharmaceutical packaging from the ’50s & ’60s – from the sans serif typography through to the strict grid system.


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine