Brand Purpose

What we see as designers – the work we create, the art we make – evokes & influences a feeling, a perception or an emotion towards something. It’s why we as humans might engage with something, dislike something, or purchase something.

When Carolyn Davidson designed a logo for a new line of running trainers for Blue Ribbon Sports Inc, founder Phil Knight stated, “I don’t love it, but it will grow on me.”
This now famous ‘Swoosh’ was to be the new logo for Nike.

When looked at on paper (or tissue paper as Carolyn presented), it has no meaning, perhaps initially not to Phil’s taste. But when we learn that this Swoosh reflects movement & energy, it resembles a wing & hints at Nike, the Greek Goddess of victory, it paints a very different picture.

It’s compelling. It brings it to life. We love the Swoosh.

Brand Purpose

An interesting back story & strong purpose should always precede any creative. It can transform an original opinion or set expectations for what has been created – & why.

Design for designs sake benefits no one. It may feel like an improvement, but ultimately, it’s meaningless, superficial & at best, a short-term fix. That’s no good for us, or for you.

But can a great logo ever be held responsible for a company’s success? Our answer to this questions is an unequivocal, No!


As consumers & as humans, we are bombarded with unprecedented levels of brand options – our purchasing decisions become highly personal & subjective. And herein lies the challenge, but also the opportunity, & a vital part of our approach.

Brand Purpose

Take any brand, for instance, represented visually through the considered combination of name, logo, messaging, colours & imagery style, coming together to form a compelling visual identity.

Sometimes we just ‘love’ it, whilst others are simply not to ‘our taste’. Or, maybe we were just not the intended audience?

Or is it possible that our feelings, emotions or perceptions towards this product, business or service have already been compromised by negative associations – deeming the role of a killer brand identity downright redundant?

Defining the truth behind your brand purpose & culture are powerful exercises that we believe every business should undertake. By living & breathing these principles, delivering positive brand experiences & remaining authentic across every brand interaction – that’s a powerful combination.

And even more so when underpinned by a well thought-out brand strategy & equally impressive brand identity that captures all of that good stuff.

We refer to this as ‘Brand Artistry’.