Corporate Stationery

Corporate Stationery, the miniature billboards which project a brand’s logo whilst moonlighting as a useful work item.

We all have evidence of some form of stationery of this type, be it a notepad, business card, pencil or pen.

It travels with us in our bags, lingers in the pencil pot at home & does the rounds in the office.  Whether on our office desk for a year or only in our hand for a minute, these moments are junctures which provide exposure to stakeholders & consumers of the brand.


Moments that mean an opportunity for advertising & marketing whilst this product simultaneously provides a needful use. Corporate stationery begins a life of its own, networking amongst individuals & businesses alike.

Potentially, corporate stationery can reach a wide range of eyes through intention, coincidence or accident & for that reason as well as others, Fable&Co. know that an accomplished design can go a long way, not just from individual to business.

It is true that often the most simple designs are the hardest to create but such is the aim & guarantee of Fable&Co. We aim for absolute precision, producing succinct, flawless & intelligible designs which catch the eye for long enough to communicate exactly what our client wants. Whilst the practical role of corporate stationery seems limited, its presence & the work behind it is far from small.

Our skilled & experienced team know that putting exquisitely designed & smartly conceptualised company logo into pens & notebooks takes more than just time. The visual identity (graphic, name, colour scheme & tagline) must also capture the brand essence & brand’s identity. We do not forget that printed materials have a functional duty & the logo must not contradict that function Our in-house creative team can create the perfect design that fulfils the desired criteria, reflecting exactly the clients marketing desires.

Working with our carefully selected printing partners, we make use of the latest printing technology for a beautiful finish & long lasting impression. We manage the whole process for our clients so that the result is just right. The right side of grey, the ideal positioning on the material, the indefectible stroke of the brush, this is when it really pays off to work with a team of incessant perfectionists.

Design is intelligence made visible.

– Alina Wheeler Author, Designing Brand Identity