Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is a service for companies who have a website or family of sites, but not the time to deal with hosting, CMS updates, content uploads, changes, back-ups or any other tweaks necessary to keep them up to date & in top condition.

The fast changing digital landscape means website functionality & consistency is vital in keeping users attracted & faithful to sites. Website maintenance is an important project & can easily be achieved through routine servicing.

If links are broken, there is outmoded information & the site contains dead pages then a picture of a poor maintained website leads to views about its overall corporate image. Also included are SEO check ups, functioning customer contact points, risk control, infrastructure management & many more aspects for consideration. Maintenance is thorough meticulous & essential for the kind of website which delivers what it promises.

All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings a& present new information, products & services to the public. Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time.

The challenge for many businesses is to have the skilled resource across the wide range of disciplines that go into running a website: developers are required who can look after the backend and front-end code, designers who can fashion the look and feel on the site, copywriters to create or adapt content & search engine specialists to keep a site ranking on search engines.

Fable&Co.’s team contains the consummate collective to cover all facets of website maintenance. During this vital & comprehensive process, our team provides unparalleled value & skills to support our client’s wide range of needs; delivering any change with immediacy & ever adjustment with painstaking particularity, Whether upgrades & clean ups to resizing & optimising images, our team partners any specific need with our matched in-house team member.

We can fit around our client’s schedule for routine maintenance, monthly & quarterly. Allow our spectrum of digital creatives to upkeep & reinvigorate your site for the best of results for your business.

Most of the effort in the software business goes into the maintenance of code that already exists.

– Wietse Venema, Programmer & Physicist