Brand Surveys are broad reaching, large scale audience surveys which form part of the quantitative range of tools in marketing situational analysis.

The surveys are undertaken in an online format by brands & agencies who use them to find out information about how their brand is perceived by the consumers/audience.

The survey is composed of elements such as brand awareness, brand trust, brand recognition, brand loyalty & brand image as well as customer profiling information to understand how different audience demographics might differ in how they perceive the brand.

Brands may write their own surveys & employ a digital online survey company to send it or alternately the brand may ask this company to write & conduct the survey themselves. There are many online digital survey sites where consumer group lists can be bought.

Increasingly, social media is being implemented as a platform for consumer led surveys with this trend looking to not only continue but increase in practice. Respondent rates are steady as a result of incentives from online survey members sites. With the offer of discount vouchers, holiday draws or an annual monetary reward (once they have completed a certain amount of surveys per year) respondents earn points per each survey which they accrue.

The benefits of an incentivised survey method are the level of participation & the prevention of bias from the responses which can occur when companies approach a specific group of people such as existing customers.

Fable&Co. decipher & compile the information gained from the survey & respondents by assembling and composing the key insights in order to discuss & determine which actions need discussing & proceeding with. Whether revealing curious or as-predicted conclusions, the provocative & divulging character of brand surveys act like a straight talking friend when you wear a  garment which just isn’t ‘you’.

Consumers no longer want only a great product- they want to buy products from companies that align with their own characters and values.

– Muhtar Kent, Former CEO of Coca-Cola