Conspicuous Packaging can catch the eye, light up the shelf & secure a purchase.

It is the framing of a painting & the discernible touchpoint of the consumer. There is no doubt the packaging of a produce is equally as imperative as the product itself.


Representing the values, identity & representative of the communicative & marketing tools of the brand, the packaging has the customer facing role of visual discourse. Notable packaging must solve a problem and serve a function to be truly design savvy.

When initiating the process of packaging design, the business hands over a detailed brief displaying the identity & values of the brand, information on the product as to whether it is a redesign or new product & how it fits within the potential product line as well as a range of other client requests which must be met by the designers.

A prerequisite of the design process is that all of the requirements of the brief are met by the team, & for Fable&Co, exceeded.

At Fable&Co. we offer effective & seamless brand packaging & design solutions. Our team assesses the best selling & innovative designs for products already in the market.

We determine the competition & ensure that our designs are incomparable to those already in existence  & that they carry multiple solutions to the packaging question. We meticulously trial & apply a variety of typefaces, layouts, positioning, graphics & colours until we get that one cumulative design that protrudes  & glows above the rest.

Consumers respond to colours in different ways. An off yellow hue can connote an entirely different energy to a vibrant tone  & it is this attention to detail that  Fable&Co. strives for. A graphic angled too off kilter or a packaging material too matte can change the perception of a product & in turn, company.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we make statement pieces that stand above our competitors in structural superiority, prolific graphic design & usability. We investigate trendsetting art  & design first hand, comparing it to our own brand aspirations & values  & take inspiration from radical solutions & resolutions to creative demands.

In the absence of any other Marketing messages, our packaging – comprised of the trademark, our design, colour & information – is the sole communicator of our brand essence. Put another way – when you don’t have anything else – our packaging is our Marketing.

– Philip Morris, Multi Billion Dollar Tobacconist