Online Banners

Online Banners are the standardised units of online display advertising, the online equivalent of road billboards & posters in the London underground.

Designed to catch the attention of customers as they browse other websites, banners can be distributed via ad networks like the Google Display Network.

Online banners play a key role in advertising by driving traffic to sites, displaying offers & other strong calls to action to increase the effectiveness & performance of the campaign. Consequently, an effective campaign is critical.

The range of online banners is extensive. This spectrum of choice can be peppered across a campaign to increase the level of coverage. The central idea at the core of a campaign is required to be reproduced in both larger & smaller scale sizes resulting in the designs needing adjusting.

The consequence is a series of seemingly simple tasks developing into a complex enterprise demanding a technically savvy mind & versatile design aesthetic.

Online banners also exist in static, animated or video form giving advertisers full control on how the creative comes to life. Not only must the idea be scintillating, but it is wise to consider the wider strategy it fits within. Fable&Co. guide, assist & create alongside clients through the process as a whole.

Whether using static imagery to drive action & sales or video/animation or a kinaesthetic brand message, our team accommodates even the most taxing of challenges.

Banners can often take up a considerable amount of the web page like a hungry cat positioned in front of its owners screen. This presence can dominate user experience so the banner must contain engaging content, & high quality images to utilise its positioning.

Fable&Co have experience in all stages of online banner development from strategic to design. An online banner may be only a fragment of advertising as a whole, but the changing habits of consumers means that reaching them regularly & in an alluring capacity must exist on web pages.

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.

– Bill Bernbach, Advertising Creative Director