One of the many services which Fable&Co. offer is the Naming of a product or company.

Unlike with logos & other immediate articulations of brand identity, the name is the unchanging, defiant metonym for the entire company & their brands. Whilst logos may be updated and the colour palette may shift, the name remains the unmerciful customer & corporate facing side in all its mortality.

At Fable&Co. having used the same proven brand artistry techniques not only for Fable&Co. but of many other clients, we are confident that we can find the stainless finish on your modish new name.

The name making procedure of our client is not simply drawn from a lottery of syllables. The process is systematic, analytical & chiefly, creative. At Fable&Co. we begin our action with evaluating the competition.

We identify the trends of frequently used ideas & words to fit in & stand out amongst the competition. Our creative collection knows that in-between the vacuum of the competitor’s repetition lies an opportunity to fill it.

By using the names of competitors we formulate a taxonomy chart to segregate categories of names. We create columns with the labels factual (purely functional about a name or action), fictional (newly invented), experiential (based on a human/literal experience) & expressive (evocative). By slotting each rival into these differentiated columns our team is able to pinpoint where our clients presence should be; developing into coordinates of success in the business landscape.

Within the chart, we include a numeral system which rates each of the names from 1-8 in terms of their content available to the audience to connect with. For example, if a company regularly writes blogs, has several social media accounts with regular content &  interacts with the consumers then they would score closer to 8.

Fable&Co. undertake extensive domain & business name checks to ensure that the name is available & a variation domain website can be purchased. Our team understands that a name must embody everything about a business, from the internal traits of personality to the external trails of their place in the market & industry.


We use tried, tested & proven methods for each naming project for our client, enabling care & a level of detail which is unparalleled. Frankly, we are infatuated with quality.

Every company wants a name that stands out from the crowd, a catchy handle that will remain fresh and memorable over time.

– Martin Zwilling, Business/Start Up Writer