Messaging & Copywriting

Messaging & copywriting looks at the crafting of copy across the entire range of brand communications such as earned & paid media.

From the product description on an e-commerce product page, to the ad copywriting that goes on promoted Facebook posts & Google text ads, copywriting allows for a framework to create content & the actual choosing of each and every word within the diction.

Many agencies have in-house copywriters who are responsible for writing the copy throughout all of their company’s messaging.

The other alternative is enlisting a freelance copywriter for one-off contractual work or long-standing ongoing work. Like brands refer to and live by their brand values, the brief given to copywriters is crucial in embodying & communicating the stylistic phrasing & terminology which the copywriters must compose in the necessary way.

Copywriters speak directly to the customer with their words and play a crucial role in aiding purchase. The logo and graphic design of a box of biscuits can draw a consumer in, but the words can seal the deal that means the product makes it way into the trolley, the check out & the cupboards of consumers.




At Fable&Co. we use the amalgamation of our brand analysis & planning to come up with a framework from which to establish the do’s & don’ts, or more precisely the says and saynots for the brand’s written word.

Crucially, copy has to be on-brand. This can be a challenge when you need to pull together resource from employees, freelancers and agencies.

This is where Fable&Co use their experience & knowledge to leave no questions unanswered. We know that it is vital to use phraseology, tone & wordplay that suits the personality of the brand & to ensure that it is consistent throughout all nuances of copy. The very best brands have recognisable catch phrases, taglines & verbalism that instantly communicates its identity & authenticity.

It can be very easy to underrate the importance of copywriting, but taking into account the head turning likes of Dove, Nike, Mailchimp & Patagonia, one can see how great copy means great business. These brands captivate customers with their copy whether for big advertising campaigns or emails & online ads, the consistent message works because this message unequivocally converts to sales.

No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, image, logic and promise.

– Eugene Schwartz, Famed Ad Writer & Author