Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns are a series of integrated efforts executed by companies in order to promote their products or brands.

Depending on their objectives, marketing campaigns use channels such as advertising, public relations, content creation & sales promotions amongst others to communicate with consumers. Such campaigns are grounded in campaign objectives which relate to the goals of the client.

Whether generating awareness or consideration of their company, instilling trust, repositioning their brand or simply wanting to generate more business growth, marketing campaigns is the avenue which brings about results. Campaign objectives form part of the wider marketing/business objectives which in turn guide the company in its marketing mix.

Commonly, a business will usually engage a series of specialist agencies such as creative, media, digital or PR agencies. These agencies provide not only the execution know-how, but also the strategic understanding required in conceptualising the right campaign & the creativity to bring previously unthought of ideas.

Fable&Co. know a tenacious marketing campaign contains a cornucopia of ingredients. The recipe begins with a thorough brief inclusive of specific, measurable & achievable objectives. The brief must contain a solid strategic foundation resting on a healthy amount of research  & insights plus fresh and adroit ideas that resonate with the audience.

A prerequisite of the brief is that it delivers a dexterous message and resonates in authenticity. Lastly, the campaign is thoroughly tracked & measured by campaign managers to evaluate its impact, & allow businesses to learn what works & what doesn’t.

Having compelling marketing shapes a social asset which converts to consumer interest & sales. At Fable&Co, we assist you with this procedure & ensure all the fundamentals are in place, implemented in the correct order. We have ample experience conceptualising & executing marketing campaigns for clients across multitudinous sectors. We believe that the best campaigns come from a tight collaboration with clients, in order to have the best of both client & agency worlds.

Our planning process champions our clients as a driving force of control whilst we apply our know-how into moving a campaign from a brief into an end of campaign report with first-class results.

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the consumers feel smart.

– Scott Cook, Director of Ebay & Branding Aficionado